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How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

When you need to make changes to a PDF presentation in an application more flexible than Acrobat, the best solution is to convert from PDF to PowerPoint.

Doing so will provide you with more options of adding, editing and rearranging content. It will leave you free to rearrange pages, apply new designs, or change slide layouts.

To convert a PDF to PowerPoint offline, all you need is PDF Converter Elite and Microsoft PowerPoint installed to convert PDF content into PowerPoint. If you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you can use our online PDF to PPT converter to convert PDF files to fully-formatted and editable PowerPoint presentations.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint Offline with PDF Converter Elite

  • 1Open the PDF in PDF Converter Elite and click on the PowerPoint icon or click on the Convert menu and then on PDF to PowerPoint.
PDF to PowerPoint menu item
  • 2Select the area of the PDF document you want to convert. You can select the whole file or certain pages. If you want to convert only one page, type the same number in Page Range field, in this form 4-4. Page Range only works in cases when you want to convert consecutive pages. There is also an option to select only the area of the document, if you don’t need to convert the whole page.
  • 3When you select the file, click the Convert button to finish the process.
PDF to PowerPoint conter button

Batch Conversion: Convert Multiple PDF files to PPT

If you need to convert more than one PDF file to the same file format, in this case PowerPoint, you can use batch conversion.

Start PDF Converter Elite and click on the Batch icon in the Toolbar menu.

Add PDF files and click on Browse to define the output folder, where all your converted files will be placed. If you want to remove a file you added, click on the file first and then on Remove Selected.

Convert button will be enabled when you enter the captcha. But before you click on Convert, don’t forget to change the option in Convert to menu.

Batch conversion dialog

Edit PDF slides without conversion

If you want to convert PDF to PowerPoint just to make a few small changes, you don’t need to convert your file at all. PDF Converter Elite has advanced PDF editing options, so if you want to add some text or delete certain parts of the document, you can open your PDF file in PCE, and turn on Edit mode.

First, click on the Edit button and then on Add text. Then click on the exact area in the document, where you want to add text. It is set up by default that the font is Times New Roman, size 10, colour black. You can easily change that before you click on Add.

Deleting text is similar, first turn on that option and then click on the file to remove the parts of your PDF presentation. This feature is handy when you need to quickly edit your presentation in PDF.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online Free

PDF Converter Elite works only on Windows, so if you have a Mac or Linux you can use our PDF converter online suite to convert and manage files. Our online PDF tools also work on mobile devices, if you access them from a mobile browser.

Like other tools, it is helpful when you don’t convert PDFs often, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. In addition to that, you can convert PDF files wherever you are.

The interface of PDF converter online tools is very intuitive. Once you choose the corresponding tool, in this case PDF to PPT, upload a PDF file from your computer or import it from Google Drive or Dropbox. The files are converted automatically by the servers, and once the file is converted you will see the “Download file” button. There are no limits on the file size, you can convert even larger PDFs, but the conversion may take longer.