How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

When you need to make changes to a PDF presentation in an application more flexible than Acrobat, the best solution is to convert from PDF to PowerPoint.

Doing so will provide you with more options of adding, editing and rearranging content. It will leave you free to rearrange pages, apply new designs, or change slide layouts.

To convert a PDF to PowerPoint, all you need is PDF Converter Elite or Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro and Microsoft PowerPoint installed to convert PDF content into PowerPoint.

There are three ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint. One way is to export and save the PDF as a PowerPoint presentation. The second method, uses the snapshot tool in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro, which will allow you to select a specific area and paste it into a PowerPoint document. Or you can simply convert a PDF with PDF Converter Elite.

To Convert PDF to PowerPoint with PDF Converter Elite:

  • 1Open the PDF in PDF Converter Elite and click on PowerPoint icon or click on the Convert menu and then on PDF to PowerPoint.
PDF to PowerPoint menu item
  • 2Select the area of the PDF document you want to convert.
  • 3Click the Convert button.
PDF to PowerPoint conter button

To Convert PDF to PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat:

  • 1Have the PDF you wish to convert opened in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Click on File > Save As Otherā€¦ > Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
Acrobat Save PowerPoint Presentation
  • 3A Save As dialog will appear where you can name your file and select a location to save your PowerPoint file to.
  • 4Adjust any quick settings you may need via the Settingsā€¦ button.
  • 5Click on OK.
  • 6Continue the conversion process by clicking on the Save button in the original Save As dialog.
Acrobat Save PPTX Settings

To Convert PDF to PowerPoint Using the Snapshot Tool:

  • 1Open the PDF file you wish to convert using Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Choose Take a Snapshot from the Edit menu.
Acrobat Take Snapshot
  • 3Click and, while holding the mouse button down, drag to select an area from your PDF file. Your selection will be highlighted in blue.
Acrobat PDF Snapshot
  • 4In the dialogue box that appears, select OK. Your selection will be saved in the clipboard.
  • 5Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and create a new presentation. Apply the appropriate settings to your slides.
  • 6Right-click on the slide and select Paste from the context menu.
  • 7Once your material is pasted in your new presentation, you can adjust, tweak, and edit your content as you wish.
PDF To PPT Conversion

This is undoubtedly one of the quickest ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint content on-the-fly. A perfect solution if you are a public speaker, student, teacher or business professional who works with keynote speeches and presentations.

Do note though, that there are other quick options that can produce similar results, like tools which allow you to convert PDF to PPT online.

With this online tool you can convert less complex PDF files to PPT online in three simple steps. Upload a PDF, enter your email address and click Start. The conversion result will be sent to your inbox soon.