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How to Convert PDF to Publisher File

Microsoft Publisher is a flexible program with a wide variety of templates for creating different types of documents. It lets you create professional looking business cards, newsletters, posters, brochures, flyers, postcards, and calendars—and all that for free.
Because this program is designed to create professional publications, it is only natural to use the PDF format when working with Microsoft Publisher as well. When you need to send your publication by email, to print it or to upload it somewhere, you first save it as a PDF.

But when you need to make edits to your publication, converting PDF to Publisher file is the first solution to come to mind. You can use PDF Converter Elite to convert PDF to Publisher directly.

Convert PDF to Publisher With PDF Converter Elite

  • 1Click on the Open icon on the menu bar and choose the PDF you wish to convert to .Pub file.
  • 2The next step is to click on the Publisher icon from the menu bar.
  • 3In the right side panel, choose one of three selection options: to select the whole document, specific pages or one area. If you want to select only one page, click on Page Range and type the page number in this format (3-3) and press Enter.
  • 4Choose the conversion mode: Frame per Paragraph, Frame per Token, or Standard.
  • 5Click the Convert button to turn your PDF to Pub.
PDF Converter Elite convert to Word button

How to Convert Multiple PDF Files to Publisher

  • 1Start PDF Converter Elite program and click on the Batch icon.
  • 2Click on the Add Files button to add multiple PDF files. If you accidentally added the wrong PDF file, select the file and then click on the Remove Selected button.
Toolbar batch convert button
  • 3From the drop-down menu Convert to, choose the output format such as Publisher - Standard.
  • 4Enter captcha and click on the Browse button to choose the output folder.
  • 5Click Convert when you are done.
Batch convert dialog

How to Insert PDF into Publisher

Open your Publisher file and click on the Insert tab and then on Object button. Assuming you already have a PDF file you want to insert in Publisher, select Create from file and Browse the PDF file from your computer.

If you don’t want to show the whole PDF file in Publisher, tick the box Link so the users can view the PDF file by clicking on the link. Instead of link, you can also tick the Display as icon and click OK.

You can also change the look and the size of your icon. Click on the icon and drag it left and right to change the size, or click on Format and choose advanced formatting options.

In this way you can also insert other types of files and not just PDF.

Insert PDF into Publisher