How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

In this digital age, document conversions take place in offices and workplaces all the time. Word documents and Excel spreadsheets are converted into PDF files for either security purposes or preserving the file’s data as it goes from one user to another. Unsurprisingly, users are converting from PPT to PDF as well.

This is because most project descriptions or proposals need to be presented in a neat and polished manner, making them appeal to clients, supervisors, and colleagues at every level.

A great PowerPoint presentation combined with the reliability of a PDF file will give off a better impression every time. Whether it be for a small, intimate group, or major business conferences, professionals are choosing PDF files to distribute and present their final work. If you are looking to switch from a PPT to PDF file, there is a way you can do it quickly and easily using nothing but MS PowerPoint 2013.

To Convert PPT to PDF Free:

  • 1Open the presentation you wish to convert in MS PowerPoint 2013.
PowerPoint to PDF File
  • 2Click on the File tab in the left hand corner.
MS PowerPoint File Tab
  • 3In the list of options, select Export and with ""Create PDF/XPS Document"" highlighted, click on the Create PDF/XPS button.
  • 4In the following dialog, select your options for conversion, name your file and choose a location for your PDF. Then click on Save to complete the process.
Export PowerPoint to PDF

Bonus tip:

  • In its new PDF format, your presentation slides can be viewed in full screen as a presentation. Select Full Screen Mode from the View menu in Adobe Reader to view the file as a presentation.
  • To do so, click on the screen to navigate through the slides and use the Esc (Escape) key on your keyboard to exit the presentation.
Adobe PDF Full Screen

This is just one way to instantly generate a PDF from your PowerPoint content from your own desktop. Yet if you want a conversion solution that does not require any software at all, you can just as easily create PDFs with’s online converter tool.

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF Online Free

  • 1Head over to’s PDF Creation Online tool where you can create PDF free.
  • 2Once you reach the page, click anywhere in the upload area to add the file for conversion.
  • 3In the dialog that pops up, select the .PPT file you wish to convert. Click on Open.
  • 4After uploading your file, the conversion starts immediately.
  • 5Click on “Download file” to save file to your computer or mobile device, depending on what did you use to access the tool.

Note: files can be imported from Google Drive or Dropbox, but you cannot save the converted file back to the cloud.