How to Convert TIFF to PDF in 2 Different Ways

Before the PDF format there was the TIFF format, a multi-page image format used to store scanned images of documents to digitally preserve them. However, over time, it became less sufficient for meeting the demands of a new digital workflow.

Technological advances with the PDF format though, has made it easier to meet those demands.

Unlike the TIFF format, the PDF generates small file sizes through compression and assures clear text when being viewed. To top it off, the PDF provides more than just an image of a document. It provides a digital version of a TIFF you can interact with as a real document with page navigation and text selection.

You already have a free TIFF to PDF converter installed and are ready to convert if you have PDF Converter Elite or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Here’s how.

How to Convert TIFF to PDF with PDF Converter Elite

  • 1On your computer, navigate and select the TIFF file you wish to convert.
  • 2Open the TIFF file in any image viewer such as Paint, Photos, Windows Photo Viewer. In this example, Windows Photo Viewer is used.
TIFF File Folder
  • 3Click on the Print button and choose PDF Converter Elite printer from the list of printers, as shown on the image below. You can also change additional options that gives the Print dialog. Once you are done just click Print.
TIFF File Folder
  • 4The PDF Converter Elite Print Dispatcher will show up where you will be able to rename the PDF document and choose the location where you want to save the file. If you want to open the newly created PDF, just choose from the drop-down menu where you will open it: in PDF Converter Elite, in a default PDF reader or you will just open the containing folder.
TIFF File Folder

To convert a TIFF into PDF in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro:

  • 1On your computer, navigate to and select the TIFF file you wish to convert.
TIFF File Folder
  • 2Right-click on your image. When installed, Acrobat 11 Pro is integrated with your system so you can simply select Convert to Adobe PDF in the right-click context menu.
  • Once this is done, a clearer PDF version of your TIFF will pop-up in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
Context Menu Convert PDF
  • 3To complete the process, click on the Save icon on the toolbar.
  • 4In the Save As dialog that appears, choose a location to save the PDF to. Then give your file a name and click on Save.
Save PDF Dialog
Converted TIFF Image