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How to Convert Docx to PDF

When you convert docx to PDF you are essentially converting it to an appealing, reliable, and fully functional format. Not only that, but the PDF also ensures that your data can be used in professional workflows where review and collaboration, or processing and print publishing, are involved. Moreover, your recipients have a document that is easier to read, search and print.

PDF documents are perfect for saving, protecting, and sending content – they are easy to print, contain a number of security options, and can preserve a variety of different types of content.

Here are four different ways to convert your docx file into a PDF:

  1. Export your document as a PDF (directly from MS Word)
  2. Save as a PDF (you need to have Word installed)
  3. Print your document to PDF with PDF Converter Elite (perfect for businesses)
  4. Convert docx to PDF online with PDF converter online tools (no installations required)

Export Docx as a PDF

This is a very quick solution for those who have Microsoft Word installed on their computers. For the purpose of this tutorial, we used Microsoft Word 2013, but this guide can be applied to MS Word 2016 as well.

  • 1Open the Word document you wish to convert to PDF.
  • 2Click on the File tab.
how to convert docx to pdf
  • 3Select Export from the list of options that appear.
docx to pdf
  • 4Ensure that "Create PDF/XPS Document" is highlighted and click on Create PDF/XPS.
  • 5In the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog, click on the Options… button. Set preferences for your conversion. Click on OK.
convert docx to pdf
  • 6Select options for optimization - Standard (publishing online and printing) or Minimum size (publishing online). Then click on Publish.
  • 7The new document will automatically take the name of the original file. Change the name or add a number to differentiate. Once saved, you may view your information in PDF format.
save as pdf

Convert Docx to PDF by Saving to PDF

This option is similar to the first one and it is required to have Office Suite installed on your computer.

  • 1Open your docx document in MS Word 2013.
  • 2Click on the File tab and select Save as.
  • 3Choose the folder where you want to save the file. In the drop-down menu Save as type, choose PDF. Click the Save button and your docx file will be saved in PDF.
create pdf

Convert Docx to PDF by Printing to PDF

This is very convenient for businesses, especially because you can use PDF Converter Elite to create secure PDF files.

  • 1Open a Word document.
  • 2Choose Print.
  • 3If you have PDF Converter Elite installed, select PDF Converter Elite as your printer. Then click on the Print button above.
print to pdf
  • 4In the following PDF Converter Elite Dispatch dialog, name your file and specify a location to save it in. You can then view the document in PDF format.
docx to pdf converter

How to Convert Docx to PDF Online Free

If you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you can use this free online conversion tool. You don’t even need to have MS Word installed on your computer. When you receive a docx file you can just upload it here and convert it to PDF.

  • 1Go to PDFConverter.com’s PDF Creation Online tool that creates PDF files from almost any document type.
  • 2To start the conversion, just upload a file from your computer, mobile device, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • 3Select the .DOCX file you wish to convert and click on Open. There are no limits on the file size and the number of conversions.
  • 4Click on Download file and select the folder where you will save the converted file.

From now on, you can use our new tool to convert Word to PDF online. It works completely the same as our PDF creator, but this new tool is only for Word to PDF conversion type.