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How to Email PDF

Next to being converted to HTML and being published on the web, the most common mode of circulating a PDF is by email. Like other documents created in various programs such as Word or Excel, PDF files can be sent as an attachment either through your webmail or through Adobe Reader

All webmail servers such as Outlook, Yahoo!, and Gmail can attach PDFs to emails. In general, most webmail client functionality is similar. Thus, attaching a PDF follows the same basic method. In Adobe Reader, if you are connected to an email server, you can email the PDF you are viewing directly from the application.

To Create an Outlook PDF Attachment:

  • 1Open your Hotmail account and select New to compose a new email. Select Reply or Forward if replying to an email or forwarding one.
Compose Outlook Email
  • 2Choose your recipients, type in a subject title, and type in your message.
  • 3To attach a PDF file, you can do one of three things:
  • From the Insert drop down menu:
  1. Click on Files as attachments
  2. Share from OneDrive
  3. Simply follow the tool tip provided to add a file by dragging your PDF into the message area.
  • Note: A large email PDF attachment (around 10 MB) will take longer to transmit, so ensure that your is saved efficiently first.
Attaching PDF To Email
  • 4Browse to locate your PDF file on your computer. Either drag it into the Outlook message area or choose Open if using the Insert method. This will set up the file as an attachment and send you back to your webmail.
  • 5Once your PDF is successfully attached, you will see it under the subject field. You can then email it by clicking on Send.
Emailing PDF Attachment

To Email a PDF from Adobe Reader:

  • 1Open the PDF you want to email in Adobe Reader 11.
  • 2In the File menu, select Send File….
Reader Send File Option
  • 3In the following dialog, you will have option of which email client you would like to use.
  1. Default email client you have installed on your computer. A blank message from your email client will appear with the PDF already attached.
  2. Web-based email, in which case you will be able to add a specific email. You will need to log into your email account and accept the permissions Adobe Reader needs to continue. Adobe Reader will then access your webmail to continue.
  3. Adobe Send, which requires a subscription to Adobe Send & Track as well as an Adobe ID.
  • 4In each case, fill in the recipient’s email, the subject, your message and any other details required.
  • 5Then simply click on Send.
Adobe Reader Send Email Options