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How to Embed PDF

As an MS Office user, you may, at one point, wish to embed PDF file in your document. Whether for school papers or professional research files, doing so will let you combine new and existing content for Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or Excel documents.

There are two different ways to do this.

To Embed PDF file into MS Office 2013 documents by Using the Insert tab:

  • As an example, here is how you can do so with the insert tab in PowerPoint 2013.
  • 1From the Insert tab, select the Insert Object icon located in the right corner of the Text Panel.
PowerPoint Insert Object
  • 2In the new window that pops up, choose Adobe Acrobat Security Settings Document under the Create New option (if you want your embedded PDF to appear as an icon, click the Display as icon option on). Click on OK.
Insert Embed Object Dialog
  • 3Browse for your PDF file and click on OK.
  • Embedding PDF this way will paste the PDF into the document as part of the file. Your file will be more portable, but you will need to update the file yourself.
Embedding PDF In PowerPoint

You can also choose to link to the PDF file instead:

  • 1Follow steps 1-2 from the first method above. When you come to the third step, select Create from file (if you want to embed PDF as an icon, click the Display as icon option on). Click on the Link to file option. Click on OK.
  • 2Browse for your PDF file and click on OK.
  • This option creates a shortcut link to the PDF file. When you create a link any changes to the file will be reflected automatically. However, your PDF is connected to a fixed location. Moving it will break the link.
Insert Link Object Dialog