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How to Export to Excel

It is a common thing for users to organize numerical data into tables with Excel and then save it in the PDF format. But suppose you need to re-use that information? It is nearly impossible to edit PDF content.

To do so, you would have to export your PDF to editable Excel spreadsheets. Luckily, you can export content in a PDF to Microsoft Excel with Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro and Microsoft Excel 2013. Here are a few easy methods.

To Export A Data Selection to Excel Instantly:

  • 1Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Use the selection tool to select the table of data you want to export.
  • 3Right-click on your selection. You can then try 3 options:
Acrobat Export To Excel
  1. You can select Copy. However, when using this option, note that pasting your content into Excel won’t retain the original formatting of the table. You will have to reformat the text into a table MS Excel.
  2. Or you can choose Copy with Formatting, which will allow you to paste the table into a spreadsheet.
Excel Pasted Formatted Text
  1. You can also choose Export Selection As…. This will bring your table or the entire document (if selected) right into Excel.
Acrobat Export Selection

For exporting entire PDF files containing tabular data, you can save the file as a spreadsheet itself. To do this:

  • 1Open the PDF file you wish to export to Excel.
  • 2 Go to File > Save As Other… > Spreadsheet > Microsoft Excel Workbook.
Acrobat Save Excel Spreadsheet
  • 3In the Save As dialog that appears, save your file with the name and in the location of your choice.
Save PDF To Excel

To Import CSV Data into Excel:

  • 1Have an Excel spreadsheet opened. Click on the Data tab and. Go to Get External Data > From Text.
Excel Get External Data
  • 2Select your CSV file. Click on Import.
  • 3In the Text Import Wizard, select your file type and the starting point for importing your data. Click on Next.
Text Import Wizard Excel
  • 4Select the type of delimiters in your data. Click on Next.
Text Import Delimiters Excel
  • 5In the next step, select the column and data format. Click on Advanced for more options.
Text Import Advanced Excel
  • Clicking on Advanced will let you specify how Excel recognizes numeric data. Click on OK.
Advanced Text Import Settings
  • 6When in the main dialog, click on Finish.
  • 7In the next dialog box, specify where you want to place your data and click on OK.
Import Data Worksheet Location