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How to Fill PDF forms

While content in a PDF file is generally protected from being changed, PDF forms are intentionally made for being edited. They are loaded with areas in which you can fill fields and options to save your inputted data.

You can avoid having to print out a physical copy, paying fees to process paper applications, and converting from the PDF to fill word form out. Adobe has greatly improved how users can create, distribute, and track PDF forms, developing special features to help users work with forms on the back end.

If you receive a PDF form or have one that needs to be filled out, you can quickly get your data into the correct fields from your desktop. Here are a few tips on how to fill forms in PDF using Adobe Reader.

To Fill forms in PDF using Adobe Reader:

  • 1Open the PDF form you wish to fill.
  • 2Click on Highlight Existing Fields in the notification bar to distinguish the fields you can, or are required, to fill in.
Acrobat Protection Option
  • 3Enter your information. To help you select or fill each field in a form, the pointer changes according to the field it lands on.
  1. The pointed finger icon appears over a button or a check box with a selection of options you can choose by clicking.
  2. The arrow icon appears when you need to make a selection from a drop-down menu with a list.
  3. The I-beam icon appears over general line fields where you must enter in your data.
  • 4After filling in the form, you can save it. Choose from the following:
  1. Print Form. Depending on how the form is set up, a few actions buttons will appear at the upper left corner of the form under the notification bar, including one to Print the form. Or simply use the Print function in Adobe Reader.
  2. Submit Form. If working online, this button will send your information back to the server used by the party who is distributing the form.
  3. If using Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro, choose Save As from the File menu and rename the form. Once saved, you can attach it to an email and send it.
  4. If using Adobe Reader, choose Save or Save As… from the File menu and you can choose a location for saving a completed copy of your form.

With just one application the ability to save and type on a PDF directly can eliminate a number of inconveniences.