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How to Link PDF

With users sharing more than just textual information in overly long PDF files, it might be a good idea to make accessing your content more convenient. To do this, you can add links to your PDF file.

They are a quick and easy way of letting your users move to different pages, documents, or even to external websites with related content.

To Create links within your PDF using Acrobat 11 Pro:

  • 1Open the PDF file.
  • 2Go to View > Tools > Content Editing > More Content > Add or Edit Link.
  • 3With the selection tool enabled, select and highlight the text, object or URL you wish to link.
  • 4In the Create Link dialog box, you have options for customizing your link.
  1. Specify how you want your link to appear in the Link Appearance section.
Acrobat Create Link Dialog
  1. In the Link Action section, select from:
  • Go to a page view - for creating simple links that will take users to another page in the file.
Acrobat Link Action Dialog
  • Open a file - for creating a link that will open a file.
  • Open a web page - for creating links that connect to the web.
  • Custom link — for creating links that can be attached to special actions.
  • 5Click on Next.
  • 6Depending on the link option you selected above, you will be forwarded to dialogue boxes which will walk you through the process.
  1. For creating page view links, set up how you want others to view the linked page. Go to the page you want linked and set your views. Click on Set Link.
Acrobat Set Link Destination
  1. When linking a file, select the file from your computer. Click on Open. You will also get the opportunity to specify how the file is opened. Click on OK.
Open File
  1. For adding a web page URL, enter the link you want your PDF to link to. Click OK.
Acrobat Edit URL Dialog
  1. For adding a custom link, you can set a custom behaviour like executing a menu command.
Acrobat Link Properties Dialog