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How to Lock PDF Files with Password and Keep Your Data Secured

With the constant development in technology, the circulation of documents is made easier and more prevalent. With PDF Converter Elite or Adobe Acrobat, you can create secure PDFs and help control what others do with the documents you create. You can prevent your work from being altered, reproduced or damaged.

These tools are very reassuring when it comes to protecting the reputation of your business or the integrity of your work. With a few simple steps, you can protect professional documents created at work as well as personal projects.

In some cases, some documents may need to be altered by users or recipients. In application forms, for example, some fields may need to be filled. By setting permissions, you can decide whether or not those who receive your documents are allowed to edit or print them.

If you want to lock already created PDF, you need to convert it to any editable file format first, which will be explained later. However, if you want to create a PDF and to secure it at the same time, just follow these easy steps.

How to Protect PDF Files with PDF Converter Elite

  • 1Download PDF Converter Elite here. Run the program and click on PDF Creation options from the File menu.
PDF Creation options
  • 2In the Security tab of the PDF Creation Options window, you will be able to set the password and to lock your PDF. One password is for you, the owner’s password and other password is for users that will have an access to your locked PDF.
  • 3In the Permissions section of the same tab, you can allow or disallow the document usage permissions. For instance, you can allow users to copy content or modify document, but you won’t allow adding comments.
  • 4Once you are done just click OK. If you want to save those settings for future use, you can click on Save as default button. If you happen to change your mind about permission settings, you can always click the Restore Standard button.
Security tab
  • 5Now click the Create button Create button from the Toolbar or go to File menu and click on Create PDF. Browse the file you want to turn to PDF and to lock it.
  • 6The locked PDF will open in PDF Converter Elite, just click on the Close button and then confirm saving the file by clicking Yes.
  • Note: If you need to convert a PDF back to an editable file format, just follow these instructions available in our user guide.
Create PDF menu