How to Merge PDF

When manipulating PDF content, you need to be efficient. This is especially true when transferring content from one PDF to another. There are times when you simply need to stitch content from two PDF files together. While your first instinct is to extract your information and then recreate another PDF file, it is not the best time saver.

In applications like MS Word, it is only a matter of simply copying and pasting content from one Word file into another. Yet dealing with the hard-to-edit PDF format calls for a much more sophisticated solution. It requires that you merge your PDF files.

In PDF Converter Elite 5 and Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro, you can easily combine two PDF files together into a single PDF document. You can use that function to merge two already existing PDF files or the specific pages of those files.

To Merge PDF Files with PDF Converter Elite:

  • 1Start PDF Converter Elite 5.
  • 2Click on the Open icon and choose a PDF file.
  • 3Click on the Edit button and the sidebar will appear on the right.
  • 4Click on the Merge PDF Files button.
  • 5Choose one more PDF file to open.
  • 6Type the first and the last page of a document you want to merge. If you want to merge only one page, type the same page number of the document.
  • 7Click the Merge button to combine two PDF files.
PDF Converter Elite Merge PDF Files

To Start Combining PDF files with Adobe Acrobat:

  • 1Open Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2There are two ways to start merging your PDF.
  1. Choose Combine Files into PDF from the Insert Pages subsection found under the Pages section in the Tools Pane.
Acrobat Combine PDF Files
  1. Or click on the Create button in the toolbar and select Combine Files into a Single PDF.
  • 3Locate the files you wish to merge by clicking the Add Files icon in the next dialog. You will be given a number of source options to choose from.
Acrobat Add Files Dialog
  • If merging two non-PDF documents, such as an Excel or Word document, the merging process will automatically convert them to PDFs.
  • 4Click on Options at the bottom of the dialogue box for additional merging options. Also, ensure that the Single PDF format is selected.
  • 5Click on OK when your settings are selected.
  • 6Click on the Combine Files button on the bottom of the Combine Files dialogue box.
  • 7Once the files are converted, a Save As dialogue box will appear. Rename and save your newly merged PDF file.
Merge PDF Options