How to Print PDF Files

PDF files are commonly used for retaining the integrity of any digital content on paper. So it comes as no surprise that printing options are important, especially for complex PDF files with diverse page layouts.

Fortunately, Adobe Reader lets you specify how you want to print PDF format via the Print Dialog Box. Here are some tips on these options and how to print a PDF.

To Print PDF Pages in PDF Converter Elite 5:

  • 1Download PDF Converter Elite 5 here and the virtual print dispatcher will be downloaded as well. Next time you open a file such as Word document, you will be able to print it in PDF directly from MS Office.
  • 2To do so, open a file in MS Office or any other editable program.
  • 3Click the File menu and then Print.
  • 4From the list of printers choose PDF Converter Elite Dispatcher.
  • 5Click on the Browse button to choose the location where you will save the file.
  • 6From the drop-down menu select the next action which will proceed after the PDF is created.
  • 7Click OK when you are done and you file will be printed to PDF.
PDF Converter Elite Print Dispatcher

To Print PDF pages in Adobe Reader 11:

  • 1With the file you wish to print opened in Adobe Reader, go to File > Print… to activate the Print dialog box.
  • 2In the first section, select your basic options: your Printer, how many Copies you want, and whether or not to Print in grayscale. Here you can also specify the Properties and Advanced options for your printer.
Reader Print PDF Dialog
  • 3Choose from Comments and Forms to select which content to print.
  1. Document - Prints document content and form fields.
  2. Document and Markups - Prints content, form fields and comments.
  3. Document and Stamps - Prints document content with stamps.
Reader Print Comments Forms
  • 4In the Pages to Print section, you can specify which pages to print.
  1. All - Prints the whole document.
  2. Current Page - Prints specific pages.
  3. Pages - Prints a range of pages.

Click on the More Options drop down arrow to reveal more printing options:

  1. Current view - Prints only the page in your window.
  2. Subset allows you to choose Odd Pages, Even Pages or All pages in a range.
  3. Reverse Pages - Prints pages in reverse. It can also reverse the order of a range.
Reader Pages To Print
  • 5Select your Page Sizing and Handling options. Here are Adobe’s descriptions of each. As you select each setting, you will be given a preview of your content in each page size on the right.
  1. Size - Prints each PDF page on a single sheet of paper.
Reader Page Size Option
  1. Poster - Prints a PDF page across multiple sheets to form a mosaic.
Reader Poster Printing Option
  1. Multiple - Print 2 or more PDF pages per sheet.
Reader Multiple Page Printing
  1. Booklet - Prints brochures and other publications that will be folded and stapled or bound together.
  • 6Lastly, select the Orientation of your printed pages.
  • 7Once all your settings are selected, click on OK.
  • With just a few options, you can print PDF pages correctly — and exactly as they are on screen, the first time around.
Reader Booklet Printing Option