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How to Read a PDF File

Once you’ve opened a PDF file, either online or as a separate file, you’ll need to know how to read from and navigate in, the PDF document. It may seem like all you need to do is open a PDF and begin reading. But for the most part, we do not read from beginning to end in one sitting as we do with physical books. As digital readers, we jump from page to page, clicking through to other sections

Fortunately, you can customize and aid your digital reading habits with PDF documents. While most PDF viewers, such as Adobe Reader, will not allow users to make many changes to the PDF documents they download, they do, however, offer great tools for navigating and searching through lengthy PDF files.

Navigate through your PDF file

Adobe Reader will allow users to search for words and other items such as articles, attachments, bookmarks, and comments.

To Find a Specific Word:

  • Type the word into Adobe’s Find search engine. Here’s how:
  • 1To do this, go to Edit > Find or use CTRL+F to activate the search engine.
Adobe Reader Find Feature
  • 2The system will then highlight the first word found in the document.
  • 3To find a second or previous match, use the Previous or Next button under the search engine field.
Reader Find Previous Next

To Search PDF Attachments:

  • To find articles, attachments, bookmarks, and comments, you can select either option from the Navigate Pane option. Here’s how.
  • 1Select Navigation Pane from the View > Show/Hide menu and then select Attachments.
Reader Attachments Options
  • 2In the Attachments pane, you can search the attachments by clicking on the Search button. You can then search through the content in your attachments by keyword.
Reader Search PDF Attachments

To Go to a Page directly using the PDF’s Bookmarks

  • 1Under the same Navigation Panes menu, select Bookmarks instead.
  • 2In the Navigation pane on the left hand side, click on the Bookmarks icon and the pane will expand to reveal the PDF’s bookmark links.
  • 3Click on the desired bookmark to go to the PDF page you wish to view.
Reader Bookmarks Navigation Pane

To Use the Read Out Loud Option:

  • The View menu also offers the Read Out Loud option which will have an automated voice read the document out loud.
  • 1Select Read Out Loud from the View Menu
  • 2Select the Activate Read Out Loud option.
  • 3You can then select a reading option. Choose to read a single page or the whole document.
Reader Bookmarks Navigation Pane

How to View Files with PDF Converter Elite

  • 1Start PDF Converter Elite and click the Open icon to choose a PDF file you want to view.
  • 2Click the View menu and choose the viewing settings that suit your needs most. There 4 viewing options to choose from: Single Page Continuous View (set up by default), Single Page View, Two Page View, Two Page Continuous View.
PDF Converter Elite View Mode
  • 3You can rotate a PDF clockwise or counterclockwise. To rotate a PDF clockwise click on the rotate button in the Footer toolbar or from the View menu > Rotate View > Clockwise. In the same way, you can use the View menu to rotate a PDF counterclockwise.
  • 4Use the Footer toolbar to quickly zoom in or out the PDF. Click the + icon to zoom in or - icon to zoom out.
PDF Converter Elite Rotate View