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How to Save as PDF

Most industries and workplaces require professionals to present polished documents which are easy to read, search and print. Unfortunately, documents can oftentimes be neither of those.

This is why everyone resorts to the PDF format. The file format is designed to make your content more reliable, credible, and secure. In fact, resumes, legal documents or application forms created in Word or Excel can be saved as PDF files.

To save your document as a PDF file, you can use Microsoft Office 2013. The applications have an Export feature that allows you to save your document as a PDF. Here is a look at how to boost your document’s professionalism with Microsoft Office 2013 by exporting it as a PDF.

To Save your Document as a PDF file:

  • 1In your Microsoft Office 2013 application, go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document.
  • 2Click on the Create PDF/ XPS button. This is what it looks like in Microsoft Word 2013:
Office Save PDF
  • 3In the next dialog, select the location (e.g. My Documents) where you want to save the file.
  • 4Click on Options… to further tailor your file.
  • 5Click on Publish.
  • Of course, the one setback you may have is not having a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite. However, you can always resort to the many web tools out there to create PDF online free.
Office PDF Creation Options

Convert Documents to PDF With Online Tool

If you have received a file in Word but you don’t have MS Office, convert it to PDF then. The same goes for other types of files, so for instance if you receive Publisher or AutoCAD file and you don’t have a program that will open that format, you should convert it to PDF.

Go to our collection of PDF converter tools and find the type of conversion you need. There are 8 different tools that convert most popular file formats to PDF. If the format you need to save as PDF is not among these tools, go to our PDF creator online which converts all types of documents to PDF.

  • 1Upload a PDF file from your computer or the cloud.
  • 2Select the file and click Open.
  • 3Download the PDF file when the conversion is done.