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How to Split PDF File in Two or More Files

Even though PDFs are perfect for presenting and preserving long documents, there are times when you will need to split them into smaller chunks. This is a convenient way of eliminating unwanted content, making smaller file sizes, and handling large files efficiently.

Fortunately, PDF Converter Elite will let you easily split PDF pages from a single file into smaller ones with a few simple options.

Split PDF to pages

To Split a PDF File with PDF Converter Elite.

PDF Converter Elite Split PDF dialog
  • 1Click the Open icon and select a PDF file from your computer.
  • 2Click the Edit button and the sidebar will appear on the right.
  • 3On that sidebar, click the Split PDF file button.
  • 4Type the number of the first page and the last page to be split. If you want to split only one page, type the same page number.
  • 5Click the Split button and you will be asked to save an extracted file. Choose the desired location and click Save. The original file will stay the same.

If you want to split a PDF in more than two pieces, just repeat the same process with the original PDF.

Split PDF pages in half

To split your PDF file in half, repeat the process above. Open a PDF and from the Edit menu go to Split PDF file option. In the fields where you need to select the page numbers, make sure you type the first page and the page that will split your PDF in half.

When you click on Split button, you will get only the first half of the PDF but you will also have the original PDF file. If you want to have another half of your PDF extracted, follow the same steps but in the end, select the first page of the second half of your file and the last page of your PDF.

Split PDF Online Free without email

If you prefer online tools or you simply cannot afford PDF Converter Elite 5, you can use our Split PDF tool completely free of charge. There is no email registration, and the uploaded files are automatically deleted from the server machines within 24 hours. The tool works on Windows, Mac, Linux and all mobile browsers.


Split PDF tool is easy to use and very convenient when you need to:

– extract pages from a PDF

– separate big PDF file into smaller files

– split only one page of a file

– split the PDF file in half


Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload a PDF you want to split. You can also import the file from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
  2. Type page numbers separated by commas. See the formatting example (1,3,4,6,7)*
  3. Click on the “Split”  button.
  4. When the splitting is completed you will see multiple “Download split file” buttons.

How the file is split?

For instance, if your file has 50 pages and you type pages 2,12,20 here how the file will be split:

The first split file will be only the pages up to first typed number. In this example, these are pages 1 and 2.

The second split file will be pages after the first typed number and until the second typed number. In this example, there will be pages from number 3 to 12.

The last split file contains the pages after the last typed number to the end of the document (from page 21 to 50).