Interface Elements

The all-new graphic user interface of PDFConverter Elite consists of six main components:

pdf converter elite 3 interface

  1. The Menu bar contains six dropdown menus: File, Create, Convert, View and Help. These menus include all available commands in PDF Converter Elite.
  2. The Toolbar provides quick access to frequently used commands in PDF Converter Elite. The toolbar consists of the following set of commands: Open, Create PDF, Edit PDF, Watermark Text, Watermark Image, Convert to Word, Convert to Excel, Convert to Publisher, Convert to HTML, Convert PDF to Image, Batch Conversion and Help.
  3. The Tab bar helps the user to easily navigate through the opened documents. One click on the tab of the opened document displays it in the document area.
  4. The Document Area displays the active document.
  5. The Dynamic Sidebar appears based on the chosen action. It lists all the available options and customizations for that action.
  6. The Navigation bar helps the user to quickly navigate through the active document, zoom it in and out or rotate it.

Opening Documents

There are two ways to open a document in PDF Converter Elite 3:

  1. On the File menu, click Open and choose the desired file saved on the computer. Confirm by clicking Open.
  2. On the Toolbar, click the Open icon opening document in pce 3 and choose the desired file saved on the computer. Confirm by clicking Open.

Closing Documents

  1. To close active document:
    • Click Close on the File menu closing documents pdf converter elite 3.
    • Click the document close button in the top right corner, below the program close button closing all opened documents.
  2. To close all opened documents and exit the application, click Exit on the File menu close pdf converter elite 3.

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