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Secure PDF to Excel Conversion on Your PC

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PCE 5 Installs safely, quickly and easily
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convert pdf to excel

Convert PDF to Excel with PDF Converter Elite

  • Extract tables and data from native and scanned PDF into editable Microsoft Excel and CSV.
  • Customize PDF tables before conversion to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Convert PDF to other MS Office formats: Word, Powerpoint, Publisher.
  • Convert multiple, even scanned PDFs at one time.
  • Edit PDF files: add or delete text directly from a PDF. Split PDF pages, Merge PDFs.

And much more...

Create secure and unsecure PDF, unlock content from native and scanned PDF, manage PDF. Turn PDF to AutoCAD, Open Office, HTML, multiple image formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF)...

Types of documents mostly converted with PDF Converter Elite 5

Business Invoices

Sales Reports

Inventory Reports

Tax Reports

Income Statements

What do you get with free online PDF to Excel Converter?

Fast conversion

Our servers are running fast with the aim to deliver you convenient conversion experience. The speed is slightly different depending on the file size and your internet speed but the overall experience is positive.

Accessible everywhere

Convert PDF files on every operating system, on a desktop computer or a mobile device. You can access our online converter wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, a browser and a PDF file.

Conversion is done in the cloud

No need to install anything on your computer. PDF files are sent to our servers and after conversion you can download the Excel spreadsheet. Even if you don’t have a PDF viewer but you received or downloaded a PDF, you can upload it here and convert to Excel.

How to convert PDF tables to Excel

Upload a PDF file from a computer, laptop or a mobile device. You can upload native or scanned PDF documents. Type the email address where you want to receive a converted file. Start the conversion and don’t close the window until it is done. Soon you will receive a download link from where you can save an Excel spreadsheet to our computer.

Safety guaranteed

We need your email address so we can send you the converted file. Our privacy policy is such that your data is protected and never sold to the third parties. Files are deleted after 24 hours.

Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet on your PC

Top OCR software

Extract scanned PDF data with the latest OCR technology. Convert scanned PDF tables to editable Excel spreadsheets. Every scanned paper can be edited. To turn on the OCR option, click on Convert Using OCR from the Convert menu.

Custom-made PDF tables

Manipulate PDF tables before conversion. Take advantage of custom PDF to Excel conversion and control the look of your PDF data. Move rows and columns manually, add tables, edit header and footer. Analyse every table set and prepare PDF tables for conversion.

Convert more PDF files at once

With PDF Converter Elite you can enjoy batch conversion and convert multiple PDF files instantly. If you have a lot of PDF files to convert, click the Batch button in the toolbar. Add PDF files, choose the output type and convert to Excel or CSV.

All-in-one Excel converter

PDF Converter Elite also converts PDF files to CSV format. Advanced Excel users know the importance of .csv files. All the features apply here, including custom Excel conversion. With the same program, you can also convert from Excel to PDF, and lock your PDF data.

Convert only the PDF data you want

When you don’t need to edit the whole PDF file, select just the area of the document or particular pages. Delete pages you don’t need or split PDF file into more pieces and extract the data you necessitate.

Quick and direct PDF editing

For less complex, text changes, use the Edit options from the program. With single click of the Add text button select the area of the document where you want to add additional text. In the same way, delete certain parts of the text.