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When you upload a PDF file for conversion, you will soon receive a converted file in your inbox. The converted file will be in .docx format and ready for reuse and editing. Converted files are deleted from our servers after 24 hours, and your email address will never been misused.

Types of documents mostly converted with PDF to PPT tool

Business Slides

School Slides

Course Syllabus

Company Handbooks

Brochures/ Catalogs

How to convert PDF files to PPT

Start the conversion process by uploading a PDF. Choose a desired PDF file from your computer. Enter your email address and start converting. You will receive the link to the converted file in your inbox.

Your privacy is protected

We don’t keep your files and they are used only for the conversion purpose. After 24 hours all files are deleted from our servers. Not only do we protect your privacy in that way, but we also keep the servers clean which has a positive effect on the conversion speed.

It works on any device

Online PDF to PPT converter can be used on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. As long as you have a decent internet connection and a browser, you can easily access the tool whether from a computer or on a mobile device. Everything is done in the cloud.