how to subtract in excel

How to subtract in Excel

Working in Excel is not just entering data into different cells. It is much more. You can use Excel formulas to speed up data calculations, Excel charts and line graphs to visualize your data, Excel tables to organize your data and so on. As Excel data is always about numbers and statistics, one among the … Read more

how to sign a word document

How to sign a Word document

Since paper documents are widely replaced by digital documents, it is no wonder that business users turn over to digital signatures instead of traditional ones. Given that most types of business documents that require a signature are actually done in Word, here we will show you how to sign a Word document. Of course, when … Read more

how to highlight in pdf compressed

How to highlight in PDF?

PDF format is often used to store important business documents, ebooks, case studies. If you need to study the content you saved in PDF, or you want to present it to someone else, highlighting important parts of a document can help. Before we show you how to highlight in PDF, let’s see why would you … Read more