15 Excel Templates for Small Business Budget Management

excel templatesMicrosoft Excel has long been known as one of the best office tools for organizing information and analyzing data. It has long been a staple of every business, big or small, and continues to be one of the most popular tools that companies use to balance their budgets, keep track of expenses and profits, and a whole slew of other important data related functions related to not only organizing relevant business data, but also presenting it to others. There is a variety of Excel templates that conveniently help you organize the data you need to store, present or calculate, and many of them can come in very handy to small business owners who don’t have time to waste or workers to spare.

Here are 15 excellent Excel templates that will help any small business owner keep track of expenditures, income and all other budget-related data.

1) Business Budget Template is one of the more basic, but still very effective ones for organizing your company’s budget. Enter all expenses and income by category to know at all times how you are doing financially and whether you need to make any adjustments.

2) Rolling Business Budget and Forecast Template is a  more developed template for financial professionals. You can use it to get real results for income statements and balance sheets and then compare them to things like budget targets, expense restrictions and financial results from recent years or months.

3) Profit and Loss Statement Template  is a simple, yet effective P&L  template.  You can use it to track you income, expenses, taxes and profit.  It consists of two main sections: Profit & Loss Dashboard and Database.

4) Expense Budget Template is a template that focuses on giving you a detailed breakdown of your company’s spending habits. The template is programmed to calculate total budget differences once you have inputted your expenses.

5) Budget Summary Report Template will enable small finance teams to keep very good books no matter how complex their budget. It helps to provide a very clear and accurate picture of how your business is doing at the end of every month.

6) Cash Flow Budget Report Template – If you are looking for a simple template that will clearly show you where your money is coming from and where it is going to, this is an excellent one. It covers cash flow trends for both operations and financing.

7) Annual Operating Budget Services enables service companies to create a budget plan for the full fiscal year in a very detailed manner.

8) Annual Operating Budget Manufacturing is another template for helping business to create an annual operating budget, but this one is tailor-made for manufacturing companies instead.

9) Targeted Budgeting Tool is a template for the marketing department. It helps you construct return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI) indices for each type of marketing and advertising that you are working on so that you can see how much income is being produced by the money that you are investing into promotion yourself.

10) Capital Budgeting Template can help companies to analyze and justify significant business investments. If you want to be better informed before making big decision about how to spend your money and what to invest in, this is a good tool for you.

11) Business Trip Budget Template is a template that will help you plan out and record all of the costs of your business trips including travel fares, hotels, dining, transportation and anything else that goes into making a business trip successful.

12) Event Budget Template – if you are planning some type of promotion or party for your company, this template will help you see whether it was worth it by helping you compare the costs of the event with the money that was made from it.

13) Training Budget Template enables you to keep track of quarterly training costs so that you can see how much money you will need to set aside each year for training purposes.

14) Marketing Budget Template will help you to forecast the size of your marketing budget and keep a tab on all other financial aspects related to promotions and marketing.

15) Channel Marketing Budget Template can help you to decide how much you want to spend on marketing. It looks at pricing and discounting scenarios, revenue, and sales forecasts to help you make a plan for how much money you need to set aside for marketing purposes.

These great budget management Microsoft Excel templates can make your budgeting easier and less time consuming, so that you can focus more attention on other important aspects of the business.