How to Extract Pages from PDF

When dealing with large PDF files, it may be hard to analyze data carefully and to scroll pages back and forth. Since you probably don’t need the data from the whole document at once, you can extract pages from your document and thus have two or more separate smaller documents. In that way, it will become easier to manipulate the data and make analysis. So here is a detailed guide on how to extract pages from PDF files and get a PDF of a smaller size.

When Do You need to Extract Pages from PDF?

Before we explain to you how to extract pages from PDF files, check out some situations when you will need to know this trick:

  • When you don’t have too much space on your computer and you don’t need the whole document, extract only the pages you need and delete the rest.
  • When you want to share the document with your colleagues or coworkers but it is too big to send it via Skype or email. Extracting only necessary pages will solve the problem.
  • When the file is too big to go through and analyze data.

How to Start?

Firsthand, download PDF Converter Elite on your Windows. It works with all versions of Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit edition. Start the program and click on the Open button to select a PDF file you want to split.

Then click on the Edit button and on the right side of the screen you will see the editing sidebar as presented on the image below.

how to extract pages from pdf

What to do next?

In the Pages section, choose Split PDF File option and when a small windows pops up define the first and the last page number.

split pdf file

Click the Split button and all pages of a document between those two numbers will be extracted. You will be automatically asked to save the extracted pages of a PDF. Before clicking on the Save button you can choose a location where you will save your file.

If you to extract a document in more than 2 different pieces, you can repeat the whole process.

Pages Are Extracted from PDF

That’s pretty much it. In a few straightforward steps you can extract pages from PDF and have less difficulties in document analysis. This PDF tip is perfect for data analysts, but also for students and teachers who don’t need all materials from the PDF book and other professions that involve working with large documents.

When you extract pages from PDF, you get two or more different documents and each document will be of less size and volume. Not only will it be easier for data processing but much easier for sending files to other people via email or Skype. Do you know some other situations when this trick may come in handy? If so, share with us in comments.