How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF

Only particular scanner machines has the option to scan multiple pages into one PDF file. Investing in such machines can be expensive, especially if you don’t need a scanner on a regular basis. In the following guide we will show you how to scan multiple pages into one PDF even if you don’t have a scanner with such option or you don’t have a scanner at all.

The final goal is to combine multiple papers into one PDF document. To do so you need to scan papers and transfer them to a computer. When you do that, you will have multiple PDF files in your computer and you just need to merge them. When you merge different PDF files (the whole files or only certain pages) you will get one PDF.

How to Get Scanned Files

So there are more ways to scan your paper documents. The first way is to use a regular scanner (if you have it) and to scan documents which will be transferred to your computer. If your scanner has an option to save a file as PDF, do it. If the files are automatically saved as PNG or JPEG, you can later convert them from PNG to PDF or JPEG to PDF.

Those who don’t have a scanner can download one of the scanner mobile apps and use it to scan a paper document. If you have none of these you can go to one of these shops that offer printing services and ask them to scan files for you. In this case you need to have a usb drive to transfer the files.

Merge Multiple PDF Pages into One PDF

Once you have multiple scanned pages in PDF format, you are only steps away from the final goal.

Start PDF Converter Elite and open one of these PDF files.

Now go to Edit menu and click on Merge PDF Files.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF
You will see the option to select another PDF file from your computer that you want to merge. When you locate a PDF file, click Open.

Now, the most important thing:

merge pdf files

In the First Page and Last Page fields type the page numbers. If you want to merge more pages, type the first and the last page of the document. But in this case, when you scan papers, every paper is one page, which means you will deal with one-page PDFs. In that case, type the same page number in both fields.

Before Page field determines where do you want to put that page, at the beginning or the end of the first document. There is also an option to specify the exact page number but when you deal with one-page PDFs that won’t be necessary.

Finally click Merge and repeat the process for all other files. In the end, the first file you opened in PDF Converter will contain pages from all other files you merged. All these papers that you scanned and transferred to a computer can become one merged PDF document. To save a file just click Cancel x button and the small windows will pop up asking you to save the changes to the file.