How to Spell Check in Excel

When working in a Word document, users have a good habit to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. It seems very unprofessional to send a document to your business partner or a client, with spelling mistakes. But people often forget to do that when they deal with Excel spreadsheets. Excel cells contain mostly numerical data and maybe that’s the reason no one bothers to check the text part. Although there is not so much text, you should spell check in Excel as well and not only in Word.

Here is how to spell check your Excel data

Way one: Use your keyboard to spell check in Excel by pressing the F7 keyboard. First you will be asked if you want to start the spell check from the beginning of the sheet. Naturally, you should click Yes and the Spelling window will show. That window will present the correct alternatives for the first word you misspelled. Excel will automatically select the misspelled words in the sheet and present its correct alternatives in that small window. Choose the right word and click the Change button. If you don’t want to change the word that Excel marked as incorrect, just click the Ignore once button. Undo Last button is useful if you want to get back to the previously chosen option.

Way two: Go to Review menu and click on the Spelling icon. The same window will pop up and you can repeat the same process. The only difference is the way you want to access the spelling options.

How to spell check in Excel (all sheets)

If you follow the rules above you will spell check only the existing sheet of the Excel, the one you opened. But if you want to check the spelling of the whole workbook, here’s what you need to do:

Right mouse click on one sheet and then click on Select All Sheets. Repeat the process again, click on the Review and then Spelling.

You cannot spell check in Excel the same way you do that in Word, because Excel doesn’t have all the functionalities. In MS Word, misspelled words can be automatically underlined with the red line and you can see your errors as you type. Unfortunately, that is not possible in Excel and you need to check for spelling mistakes manually. But at least you can make sure your Excel document doesn’t contain spelling errors before you send it to a client or a business partner.