6 Ways You Can Use Internet to Teach Statistics

Back in the old days, statistics was considered a political science and used to describe government and political arrangements of states. Today, statistics is best known as the science of learning from data. It deals with data collection, analysis, organization, presentation and interpretation. It is applied to many different fields such as medicine, biology, astronomy, … Read more

8 Great Websites to Download Free PDF Travel Guides

Are you preparing to travel this holiday season and discover new places? Do you have a lot of business trips booked for this year? Maybe you are already looking forward to the summer and planning a great warm-weather getaway. No matter where you plan to travel to, being prepared and knowledgeable about the destination is … Read more

how to make an infographic resume

How to Make an Infographic Resume

With the job market the way it is today, people looking for employment are constantly searching for ways to get an advantage and upper hand over other jobseekers. Everyone is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and a way to have the employer notice and remember them specifically. This has recently … Read more