Flashback into the 80’s Office

  “The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” If you remember this quote and its author then, you’re most likely an 80’s fan. The epic“ Wall Street” movie and Michael Douglas’s Oscar-winning role of Gordon Gekko, a greedy Wall Street con artist distinctively portrays the office … Read more

Top Websites for Finding Academic and Business Events Worldwide

Seminars and conferences, expos, trade shows and all sorts of other business events and academic meetings, represent a great opportunity for learning more and increasing one’s expertise in a particular field. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and representatives, marketers and other professionals mostly attend such gatherings in their respective industries with the primary goal of … Read more

Six Great Currency Converters

Currency converters are needed very often in life. If you are going on vacation to a foreign country and you need to see how much their currency is worth in relation to yours, you will have to find a currency converter to reference. Perhaps you are ordering something online from a different country and the … Read more

Top 10 Geek Cartoons of All Time

With technology and computers dominating the way our society operates more and more, there was little chance that this trend would not spill into society’s sense of humor as well. Here we will tell you about the most essential and funniest web comics on the Internet if your interests and sense of humor are geared … Read more