Flashback into the 80’s Office



“The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

If you remember this quote and its author then, you’re most likely an 80’s fan. The epic“ Wall Street” movie and Michael Douglas’s Oscar-winning role of Gordon Gekko, a greedy Wall Street con artist distinctively portrays the office environment and business style of the well-known decade.

The era of emerging technologies, first yuppies and spectacular financial frauds has, for better or worse, left a huge impact in history and a nostalgic sentiment in our hearts.

In the last few years, several movies following the same thematic have been released causing many of us reminisce about this time. The first thing that rings a bell is the 80’s corporate fashion which was so over the top – fluffy hairdos, suits with shoulder pads and suspenders as a must have men’s accessory. From today’s perspective, it is safe to say that 80’s may have gone but they’re certainly not forgotten. When it comes to generating new ideas and competing in creativity across industries, this retro epoch is often used as an inspiration.

For now, let’s stay on technology path and take a look at what has really changed.

Probably the most popular item in the 80’s business world was the brick phone. The first portable cellular phone, known as “the brick” was Motorola DynaTAC, a revolutionary and statement-making accessory.  At time when most people talked via landline telephones, owning this bulky device was a trait that separated business sharks from other fish in the pond. Now, 30 years later, with smartphone technology advancing each day one would consider a brick phone a toy or a collector’s item. Well, UK’s Binatone is obviously taking it seriously since they produce their own “Meet the Brick” and let you travel back in time – 80s technology world.


Another great accessory from the 80s technology was the well-known Casio calculator watch. As its name says, it was basically a digital watch with a built-in calculator. Everyone used to wear it, from academics to musicians. Aspiring businessmen preferred more advanced models that had additional functions such as phonebook and appointment reminder. The frenzy about this watch was very similar to the one about Apple Watch we are experiencing today. You can still find it on Amazon and Ebay or if you already own an Apple Watch or any other iOS device, you can download Geek Retro Calculator Watch application and  have the best of both worlds. Continue reading >>

6 Ways You Can Use Internet to Teach Statistics

Back in the old days, statistics was considered a political science and used to describe government and political arrangements of states. Today, statistics is best known as the science of learning from data. It deals with data collection, analysis, organization, presentation and interpretation. It is applied to many different fields such as medicine, biology, astronomy, engineering, economy, marketing…etc.

Let’s face it, this sounds like a typical introduction found in almost every statistics course book or newbie learning guide. Most teachers will approve of such introduction. It offers clear facts on the meaning and importance of the subject. There is just one minor glitch. Odds are that most students will find this introduction boring. The probability of their falling in love with statistics after such introduction is very low. Of course, this is just a hypothesis, so feel free to experiment.




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Top Websites for Finding Academic and Business Events Worldwide

finding conferences seminars meetingsSeminars and conferences, expos, trade shows and all sorts of other business events and academic meetings, represent a great opportunity for learning more and increasing one’s expertise in a particular field. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and representatives, marketers and other professionals mostly attend such gatherings in their respective industries with the primary goal of promoting their products and services, discovering new business opportunities or meeting potential partners. Many business events, conferences and seminars are educational in character and purpose and as such, help both experienced and young professionals brush up their skills, grow their knowledge, and became greater experts in their fields.

Web and modern technology have made it easy to browse and find interesting conferences, seminars or any other important gatherings in virtually any industry – anywhere in the world. To help you, we collected some of the best websites for discovering business events in your field, wherever you are: Continue reading >>

Six Great Currency Converters

Currency converters are needed very often in life. If you are going on vacation to a foreign country and you need to see how much their currency is worth in relation to yours, you will have to find a currency converter to reference. Perhaps you are ordering something online from a different country and the price is listed in a currency that you are not familiar with – a currency converter will let you know the value in any currency you might prefer. These are just two of many situations that would require the aid of a currency converter. Thankfully there are excellent ones that you can use online for free. Here are six great ones to check out.


1. XE Currency


XE Currency is a free, universal currency converter that allows users to calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates. The XE currency calculator provides access to every world currency. Furthermore, it converts not only currencies, but the value of precious metals as well.

This online currency conversion tool is very easy to use. You simply the amount that you want converted insert into the widget and choose your currency. For example – 99.95 USD – US Dollar. Then in the right field, from the dropdown menu you choose the currency you want the amount converted to. For example, GBP – British Pound. Click the arrow and your amount in American dollars will quickly be converted into British pounds. The XE Universal Converter uses mid-market rates.

XE also offers free, customized currency calculators to website owners to use on their websites. Webmasters can customize and seamlessly integrate the Universal Currency Converter into their websites. In this way, you can provide live rates for your website visitors, updated every day, non-stop, and all day long.

The best thing about the XE Universal Converter is that it’s available as an application for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and other mobile devices. It makes calculating currencies quick and simple.


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8 Great Websites to Download Free PDF Travel Guides

best travel guidesAre you preparing to travel this holiday season and discover new places? Do you have a lot of business trips booked for this year? Maybe you are already looking forward to the summer and planning a great warm-weather getaway. No matter where you plan to travel to, being prepared and knowledgeable about the destination is always important. One of the most useful travel accessories is certainly a knowledgeable and thorough travel guide.

Here are some sites that offer not only fantastic, but also completely free, travel guides that you can download in the convenient PDF format and take with you wherever you need or want to go.


1) Arrival Guides

This site offers well over 400 completely free travel guides that will help you find your way around any city like Barcelona, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro or any country as a whole for that matter. Are you planning a romantic getaway to a beautiful island such as Zakynthos or Bali? There’s a free PDF guide for it! And for skiing fans – find guides for some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. These guides give you great tips for anything you need, whether you are looking to eat in a nice restaurant, go sightseeing, or have a good time at the hottest bars and clubs.


freepdf travel guides

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How to Make an Infographic Resume

infographic resumeWith the job market the way it is today, people looking for employment are constantly searching for ways to get an advantage and upper hand over other jobseekers. Everyone is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd and a way to have the employer notice and remember them specifically.

This has recently led to new trends in the way in which people are not only creating their resumes, but also presenting them to potential employers.

One of the most popular new trends in resume presentation is making a colorful and an interesting infographic resume out of your credentials and presenting your qualifications to head hunters in this new and exciting way.

Naturally, as more people began to show interest in this method of resume presentation, online applications for creating them started to appear as well.

The creators of these applications have also taken advantage of the rise of LinkedIn – the world’s biggest and most popular network for business professionals – creating applications that take your resume-related information from LinkedIn and turn it into a stunning infographic.

These are some of the best ones available. Continue reading >>

Free PDF Books to Learn MS Office 2010

Most of the time, when you find a website that looks too good to be true, it is.

However, one exception is the great BookBoon, which offers free PDF textbooks and tutorials with absolutely no strings attached.

free pdf books

You might be asking yourself how this is possible, but it’s actually quite simple. Book Boon makes money through ads, and the popularity of their site allows them, therefore, to keep the content completely free. You don’t even have to register or give them your email address in order to download free PDF books. Continue reading >>

Top 10 Geek Cartoons of All Time

With technology and computers dominating the way our society operates more and more, there was little chance that this trend would not spill into society’s sense of humor as well. Here we will tell you about the most essential and funniest web comics on the Internet if your interests and sense of humor are geared towards the Web, technology, computers, gaming and other notable geek-worthy pastimes.

1) Dilbert

Dilbert needs to be ranked at the top of this list, because this web comic is considered a true classic and has been around for ages. Dilbert specializes in very true-to-life office humor that millions of working people around the world can relate to easily. If you’re a fan of cubicle humor, job-related jokes and awkward but funny situations, Dilbert is the comic to check out first.


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