Five Websites to Create Christmas Video Cards Free

christmas greeting cardsChristmas is almost here! Have you already sent out Christmas greeting cards to all your family members, friends and business contacts? Well, if you haven’t, do not despair or stop that wonderful tradition this year just because you think there simply isn’t time anymore (or money for that matter) to buy cards, envelopes, postage stamps and mail them out in time to each recipients’ mailbox before Santa arrives.

We researched and listed five great websites that let you create not just regular Christmas cards, but video Christmas cards. And best of all, they are all free! These websites will not only save you time and money, but will help you preserve trees and send creative, personalized video Christmas wishes.

1) Llerah Christmas Video Cards

This is an old website with hundres of videos available. There are videos for occassion and 119 videos are made for Christmas. You can share the video on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and you can personalize the video before sending it. However, personalized card are not free. You need to pay a small fee, $10 per year, to get a personalized card.

christmas video

2) GoAnimate offers simple video making tools for creating and publishing videos Internet-wide. These tools allow users to fully customize their videos. The users can create custom characters, import images and even record voices. Wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in your own voice to all your relatives and friends without actually calling them.


Christmas Video Cards

3) Christmas Cards and Video Greetings

This is a mobile app available only for iPhone and iPad users. The app is free but it has an in-app purchase- you can have longer recording at the price of $1.99 and it is an one time price. This app is very easy to use, just select a card template and record a video.

4) Regards

There are 54 Christmas cards available. Most of them are flash animations and you need to have a Flash player plugin in order to see them. There are also some regular cards in form of an image, which you can use to send an electronical Christmas card.

5) Blue Mountain

There are tons of interactive cards for Christmas and other holidays, as well as printable cards. The video can be replayed over and over again and sent for free as a link. If you want to personalize it further, you need to have Flesh installed on your computer.

We hope you find these websites helpful and fun.

We wish you a happy holiday season and a successful 2017!

Your Team

Photo Credit: George Eastmen

How to Download Instagram Photos and Create a Photo Album

download instagram photosInstagram, thanks to its widespread popularity among smartphone and tablet users, has become a treasure trove of amazing images showcasing special moments in our lives. As the vacation season is drawing to an end, chances are many of you have your Instagram accounts stacked with beautiful albums full of vacation photos – exotic beach escapes or crazy beach parties with your friends, breathtaking places around the globe, backpacking through Europe, captures of funny moments with your kids on a family camping trip, and so on.

Although Instagram provides a great way to share those memorable moments with your family, friends and virtually anyone else, there are occasions when a more traditional, digital photo album saved as a PDF better serves a purpose. It has multiple advantages like:

  • – a digital photo album can easily be printed and shared in the most traditional way. Printed album is a great gift for grandpas and grandmas!
  • – You can enjoy a digital photo album without an Internet connection, on any device, running on any operating system.
  • – PDF format is great for archiving and making backups of important files, such as vacation and family photos.

But is it actually possible to create a PDF album from Instagram photos? Continue reading >>

How to Turn Spreadsheets Data into Interactive Excel Charts

excel chartsMicrosoft Excel is the leader among data spreadsheet applications. Used by over half a billion people across the globe, it is regularly updated with new versions to improve its functionality. The latest version, MS Excel 2013 pushes the limits of creating and working with tables, charts, graphs and macros even further.

Obviously, MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet editor for advanced data processing and manipulation. Millions of financial and business analysts, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers and managers around the world probably can’t even imagine their world without Excel. However, one of the greatest dangers of working with data, especially if the results are to be presented to a third party, is the risk of creating very dry, dull data reports that nobody actually likes to dive into and peruse. Continue reading >>

8 Free Excel Alternatives to Try

excel online alternativesOffice Web Apps are a great solution for business professionals and individuals who work with Office documents and often need to share them with other people – colleagues, bosses, professors or clients.

MS Excel Web App is a very popular Office Web Apps feature that lets users create, share, edit and collaborate on spreadsheets online. This option allows collaboration in real time where users can see who is working on the same spreadsheet and what they are inputting at the moment.

The major benefit of this web-based app is that it saves users’ time and simplifies the process of sharing. Instead of sending an attached document vie email to a third party and waiting to receive a corrected version, people can instantly share documents online and work on them simultaneously.

However, not everyone uses Microsoft Suite and Office Web Apps. Fortunately, Internet offers a variety of excellent free Excel alternatives and today we’ll cover eight of them that come highly recommended by tech experts. Very importantly, all of these apps are free.

Free Excel Spreadsheet Tools

1) Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is probably the most popular and frequently used service for creating and sharing spreadsheets online. In order to use it, you need to create a free Google account (if you don’t already have it) which will only take a few minutes of your time, after which you are ready to start creating, sharing and collaborating on spreadsheets, charts, graphs, pivot table reports, forms and much more. Continue reading >>

Free PDF Editor: Edit PDF in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Creating and editing computer presentations is for some people a fun activity, for others, a tedious obligation, and there are those who find it a combination of these two. If you are a student assigned to improve your presentation, or sales manager on the verge of losing a client unless you turn your sales pitch into a visually attractive and convincing offer, you’ll be the most successful if you belong to the third group of presenters.

What can be fun about professional presentations?

Tech tools and app developers are doing their best to make their presentation software as user-friendly as possible. They are concerned about the fun factor, too, not just about creating a product that is simple to use. Some of very useful and fun PowerPoint features you can play with all day (if you get carried away) are SmartArt graphics, animation and inserting media clips, to name just a few.

powerpoint smartart

Today we have an amazing selection of free PDF editor tools to choose from for creating and editing compelling and convincing presentations. Continue reading >>

3 Ways to Convert Publisher to PDF Free

convert publisher to pdfIf you are not familiar with high-end graphic design software, you can still create professional looking publishable documents using Microsoft Publisher. The program has been around for two decades and, though there are many applications that have by now surpassed the functionality and usefulness of pub files creator, Publisher still has its steady circle of users.

This desktop publishing application is very appealing to individuals with no designing knowledge and to small firms that can’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer for designing their business cards, leaflets and other publications.

Publisher is very handy for editing and designing catalogs, newsletters, brochures, fliers, invitations, greeting cards, posters, reports, all kinds of labels and simply anything with an emphasis on the visual side of the document. The program’s collection of fonts, colors, borders, templates, and its advanced layout features enable any user to end up with a polished and professional looking print-ready publication.


Sharing pub and pubx files with others

If your job ends with printing a pub file, then you are good to go with Publisher alone. However, if you need to share your document online with a third party, the program’s limited functionality comes to focus. Pub and pubx files are not compatible with many other applications and sending a pub file does not guarantee the other person will be able to see it.

The most practical and quickest solution to the problem is to convert Publisher to PDF. Portable document format is the universal format that can be viewed on any platform and is your choice number one when sending anything for viewing purposes.


Pub to PDF Converter

Today we’ll share with you three ways you can convert Publisher file to PDF for free. Continue reading >>

Announcing the FreePDF Creator user guide

help guide Free PDF’s team is happy to let all of our esteemed users know that we have created and posted the user guide for our FreePDF Creator.

FreePDF Creator is our complimentary software program for converting all sorts of printable Windows files to PDF. This tool was released more than two years go in an effort to help computer users all around the world print their documents to PDF for free, and to benefit from all the advantages that PDF has to offer as a file format.

Our original aim was to develop very easy-to-use and intuitive PDF creation software that could be used like any other installed printer on your machine without having to think twice about it. However, we also wanted to offer some fairly advanced capabilities and enable you to print really professional PDFs as well. This resulted in FreePDF Creator being packed with lots of features, including the ability to customize the software according to individual preferences and the capability to create secure PDFs and control how they are viewed and used.

All these features actually make FreePDF Creator very comprehensive and powerful. Not only that, but the interface is incredibly intuitive, which allows even inexperienced or first-time users to easily take advantage of all the free software’s capabilities. And just in case any had any problems using it, we also offered free support with the software.

Additionally, we adopted a practice of regularly writing how-to blog posts about the software’s specific uses and capabilities. But thanks to our dear blogger friend Ibrahim, we have recently realized that it would be really useful to create a user guide for the FreePDF Creator as well, and help our users master all the features and get the most they can out of our free tool.

So we acted upon this tip and are now sharing with all of you the official help guide for FreePDF Creator. You can find it here.

Even if you are a long-time user of our free PDF creation software and believe that you are already using it to its full potential, go ahead and check out our brand new detailed manual. Who knows, you just might uncover a feature that you did not even know about before!

And feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or need further support. Our email is Or simply call us at the phone number displayed on the upper left-hand corner of every web-page on our website and blog.

Thank you for using our tools and stay tuned for new goodies!

Free DWG to PDF Converter

AutoCAD to pdfAutoCAD is one of the world`s leading tools for technical drawing and computer-aided design (CAD).  It is a very powerful tool which supports both two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) formats.

Many engineers, designers, students, architects, project managers and other professionals from various industries around the world use AutoCAD for their projects. One example of the successful implementation of AutoCAD is the National Stadium Brasilia.

AutoCAD normally uses DWG and DFX file formats for saving and presenting projects. One great way to store and present AutoCAD designs to others is to convert them to PDF. PDF guarantees that your stakeholders and viewers will see your file just as you intended them to.

Converting DWG to PDF is not a problem. If you own the Adobe Acrobat Pro software application, for example, you can create PDF files from your DWGs very easily. Click on this link for a step-by-step guide.

But, since Adobe Acrobat is not a cheap solution, you may be looking for a free way to create PDFs from DWG or DFX files. What you need is a free PDF creator. If this is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

As you may already know, offers a free desktop tool for creating PDFs from over 300 file formats. This includes DWG and DFX file as well.

So, if you would like to convert DWG to PDF for free, follow these easy steps:

1. Visit

2. Click on the Download Free button

free pdf creator

3. Install FreePDF Creator on your local machine. You can customize the tool according to your preferences: change the standard output quality, set default document properties and passwords required for opening and changing the document, among other things. Customization isn’t necessary, of course, it works well even without any tweaking on your side. Once installed, The FreePDF Creator is ready to use.

4. Open the desired DWG file in your viewer. You don’t even need to have AutoCAD installed.

5. Click on the Print menu and from the list of available printers, choose FreePDF Creator (check out the image below). Click on the Print button and in a little while, your PDF file will be created. Once it has been created, you can save it to your computer.

convert dwg to pdf


Top Free Unit Converter Apps for Android

Unit converterstop android unit converter apps are very handy tools and ones that you never know when you will need. There are many unit converter apps to be found online, but mobile app developers have taken unit conversion on smart phones one step further.

As a result, there are some great unit converter apps for smartphones that can make converting units on the go a snap. Whether you’re a travelling business person who needs a currency conversion, a private business owner ordering from abroad, or a cook reading a foreign recipe and needing to convert some measurements, here are some great, free unit converters for Android-based smartphone owners.


convertpad android app1) ConvertPad

ConvertPad is not only one of the most powerful free unit conversion apps available, but it is also one of the easiest to use. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate, and it supports thousands of unit conversions, over 150 currencies and over 20 different languages.

Continue reading >>

How to create secure PDF files free?

PDF a.k.a. Portable Document Format is the single most convenient way to save, send or share online documents.  It has become so popular and widely used that is often referred to as “ubiquitous PDF”.  One of the most obvious advantages of PDF over other file formats is that it looks the same on every device.

Thanks to its popularity, there are many tools to create PDF files and many of those are even free. But, sometimes you want to protect your files and control how others use it. For example, if you are working on an important and confidential financial report, you may want to allow only your team to see it and only your  boss to print and edit it. In order to accomplish it, you need to impose some restrictions on the PDF when you create it and protect it with a password.

One easy and fully free way to accomplish this is by using Free PDF Creator.  It enables you to create secure PDFs from any printable Windows format.  FreePDF Creator uses 128-bit encryption, which means that the PDF it creates are very secure.

The best part is that you can easily convert to secure PDF from the directly from the program that you used to create the document.

Here is the step-by-step guide to creating secure PDFs with the FreePDF Creator:  Continue reading >>