free online pdf converter

Free Online PDF Converter

PDF Converter has just released an improved version of PDF conversion online tools, that are completely free and without email registration. Free Online PDF Conversion allows users to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but also create PDFs online from more than 300 file formats, at no cost at all. From now on you … Read more

retail industry pdf files

The Ultimate Guide for PDF Files (for the retail industry)

Retail industry is said to be one of the largest and the most profitable ones. Forbes claims that retail industry expects growth for about 4% in 2018. Online sales are expected to have increase in 10%. Two years ago, the food retail industry in Canada had a market value of  approximately 145 billion Canadian dollars, … Read more

how to cite a pdf file

How to Cite a PDF File

In our previous posts you could learn how to cite a PowerPoint or Word document. Do you know how to cite a PDF? Research papers and other longer documents are usually preserved in PDF because it guarantees that the layout and the content will be preserved. In case you need to provide citations and reference … Read more

document shredding

Document Shredding: What Documents You Should Keep

Document shredding is a process of destroying paper documents with a paper shredder. As you can guess from its name, a paper shredder is a tool that cuts papers into strips. People, companies and of course governments usually have urge to destroy their paperwork and to save their privacy in that way. If you are … Read more

save pdf as jpeg

Three Ways to Save PDF As JPEG

Being cross-platform files as they are, both PDF and JPEG are very popular. They can be open on any computer, no matter what operating system in question. It is highly recommended to use PDF files, when you deal with text documents or documents with vector images. Otherwise, you can use JPEG format. JPEG files take … Read more

convert oxps to pdf

How to Convert OXPS to PDF

Converting files from one format to another is nowadays very easy task to do thanks to PDF conversion tools. However, there are some file formats that are harder to convert to another format or simply users are less familiar with those types of conversions. It is safe to say that .oxps to PDF conversion is … Read more

print to pdf

How to Print to PDF

PDF files are used on occasions when you want to be sure that the end user will see the file the way you see it. Other file formats can alter the output because they are not compatible on every device. It also depends on MS Office version and operating system version. There are three ways … Read more

insert pdf into excel

How to insert PDF into Excel cell

Split PDFThere are so many reasons why Excel spreadsheet is a very powerful thing. One of them is the fact you can put enormous amount of data in it. Excel can handle big tabular data, you just need to acquire proper Excel skills to make the most of it. Although Excel has so many features … Read more

how to spell check a pdf file

How to Spell Check a PDF File

PDFs are, as the name says, portable documents. One of their obvious advantages and reasons for wide use is that they are not easily editable. When you send someone your report, essay, article or any other work you authored, it’s like saying: “Here is the document I want to show you or submit for your … Read more

How to Convert Image to PDF and Make an Album from a Pinterest Board

The Portable Document Format or PDF is probably one of the most used formats among computer users. When we think about PDF files, we usually visualize some important business or school reports, professional presentations, textbooks and other similar “serious” documents. We also associate PDF with electronic books, magazines and brochures. Moreover, we use PDF for … Read more