Must Have Tools for Your Startup

Every startup is hard and usually it requires much preparation. Often you are on your own or with just a few people to help you with all the work. And even when you finalize your startup idea, create a business plan and website, there’s still much work to do. If you have just started your … Read more

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Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology in 2018

It is safe to say that small businesses and technology go hand in hand. In order to raise productivity, efficiency, grow the revenue of your business and improve expenses and performance, you should embrace technology and what it has to offer. It is important to follow the trends of technology as it has been changing … Read more

excel charts

Types of Excel Charts Used in the Classroom

Although there are many education technology tools that teachers use, and a vast number of them is tailored for any imaginable occasion, most teachers still don’t want to leave MS Office behind. It is widely known that PowerPoint and Word are the most popular programs among teachers because they can use them for research papers, … Read more

online tools for millenials

Online Tools for Millennials that Want to Invest Money

Have you already heard of the term millennial? Maybe you haven’t, even though you are a part of it – the generation of those born between 1982 and 2004, in the era of digital. That’s why millennials are often closely related to technology and social media. Technology is a part of every aspect of their … Read more

how to use excel

How to Use Excel: Tips, Resources, Tutorials for Every Level

We can trace Microsoft Office to the beginnings of the digital age. And it has grown since then. In the past, being skillful with MS Office programs was considered an advantage and today it is compulsory to know at least how to use Excel and Word. That’s why there are tons of Excel tips and … Read more

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7 Great Google Extensions to Use When Applying for Jobs

If you’re in the process of looking for a job, there’s a good chance that you are struggling with putting together all of the elements you are going to need to create a strong job application. Not only do you have to create a resume that is informative, well-presented and unique, but you are also … Read more

14 Alternatives to SlideShare for Top-Notch Presenters

SlideShare is the world’s largest and leading online community for hosting, discovering and sharing presentations. It is safe to say that SlideShare has become a must-have tool in every presenter’s toolbox today. Business professionals, teachers, public speakers and students alike often use it to find inspiration and ideas, learn or present their own work here. … Read more

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33 Tools to Create, Edit and Convert Images Online

An image is worth a thousand words – you have probably heard this at least a thousand times. But the truth is that it really is so. No matter if you have a website or blog, or prepare materials and presentations for school, college, students, business, or for any other purpose, your documents and presentations … Read more