How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the first choice when you need to make a presentation for business or school. It has a variety of different templates and themes for every purpose. You can use them as an outline and add information you need or you can make a presentation all by yourself. PowerPoint has a lot of different options that will enhance the look of your presentation. The Insert menu is particularly useful, because you can add different objects, images, illustrations to your presentation. The last time we talked about this powerful presentation tool, we showed you how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. In this article, you will learn how to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

Compared to images and illustrations, PDF files can be tricky especially if a PDF has more than one page. In that case, only one page of a PDF can be visible. If you need to make all the pages visible, you need to split PDF into smaller, one-page documents, and then to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

On the other hand, if it isn’t important for you whether the content of a PDF is visible or not, you can display an icon instead. The icon will represent a PDF and when you click on it, the PDF will open.

But, let’s start from the beginning step-by-step.


Insert PDF into PowerPoint via Insert menu


Open PowerPoint presentation and left-mouse click on the exact area of the document where you want to insert a PDF. Click on the Insert menu in the navigation bar.


how to insert pdf into powerpoint


As you can see in the sections of the Insert menu, you can attach tables, images, illustrations, text, symbols, media, links to your presentation. In the Text section of the Insert menu, you will see the Object icon.


insert pdf into powerpoint


Click on the Object icon and then on Create from file option. To find a PDF you want to insert into PowerPoint, click on the Browse button.

When you locate a PDF file on your computer, select it with the left-mouse click and then click on the OK button.

how to insert pdf


That’s it. The PDF file will be visible in your presentation. If it seems too large, you can narrow it with the left-mouse click. Click on the circles, on the document edges and move it left or right. Depending on the position of the circle, you can move it right, left, up or down.

If you want to change the position of your PDF, you don’t need to delete the file and do it all over again. Just hold the left-mouse button and move the file to the preferred area.


Insert PDF as an Icon


Sometimes, the presentation won’t look good with the attached PDF on it. But if you need that file you can embed it into presentation and keep the presentation visually appealing at the same time.

To do so, insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an icon. Repeat the same process of inserting an object into PowerPoint. But when you open the Insert Object window, and browse a PDF, tick the box Display as icon. By default, PowerPoint will choose the design icon to be your default PDF reader. However, you can put any icon you want, it can be a unique image.

insert object into powerpoint


To change the default icon image, click on the button Change Icon. You will see a list of different icons available, but if you don’t like them you can click on the Browse button and find another icon. Have in mind the dimensions of such images, they are pretty small. When everything is set up, click OK.


Another Way to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint


There is an alternative way to insert PDF into PowerPoint and it is equally easy to follow. Maybe it is less precise if you are not skilled with dragging files, but if you are, this is the right choice for you.

So, open the PowerPoint presentation and the Windows File Explorer. It is a place where you save your documents. Minimize the windows of the file explorer so you can see the presentation and the file explorer at the same time. Click on the PDF you want to insert into PowerPoint, hold the mouse and drag the file to the presentation.


Insert Multiple Page PDF into PowerPoint


The biggest problem when inserting PDF into a presentation is when the PDF has multiple pages. You can still use the guidelines above and insert a PDF in that way, but only the first page of a document will be visible.


So, if you want to show multiple pages of a document, you can either split a PDF into one page-document or create a hyperlinked PDF. If you decide to split a PDF, you can follow the same guidelines explained above to insert every PDF document separately.


And here’s how to create a hyperlinked PDF and enable viewing the whole PDF file, no matter how many pages it has.


How to Insert PDF Link into PowerPoint


Start with the same steps=> Insert- Object- Create from file- Browse PDF


Check the Link box next to the Browse button and click OK. This will make a PDF file clickable and you will be able to instantly open it during the presentation. If the file is too big that would be the best option to go with. It will still look elegant and professional, you won’t need to close the presentation to find and open a PDF. Instead, you will be able to open a PDF from a presentation, with a double click.


To make sure this will work, open the Action settings. The Action button can also be found from the Insert menu.

insert pdf link into powerpoint

Check out if the Object action option is selected. This setting will confirm that the file will open with a click of the mouse. You can also choose a sound that will follow opening a PDF.


In some cases, this option doesn’t work quite well. That depends on a PDF viewer and Windows version. If you encounter any problems with this option, you can always find help from Windows support or on tech forums.

Microsoft Paint Alternatives

ms paint alternatives

Microsoft Paint has existed for 32 years and recently it was rumored that it will be killed in the next Windows update. Windows denied those rumors and it turned out MS Paint will still be available but moved to Windows store. There won’t be new versions for sure, at least not in the near future. Since existence of MS Paint was put in question, it is better you get familiar with its alternatives.

Here is a list of free MS Paint alternatives:

Gimp is an open source software that can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac (10.6 and newer) and it other less known operating systems. It supports different file formats such as tiff, jpeg, gif, png, psd, bpm and others. Gimp is perfect solution for photo retouching, cloning objects, enhancing the quality of the photo.

Photoscape is an easy tool for photo editing and enhancing. The tool can remove red eyes, crop, filter or add objects or text, resize the photo or adjust colors. It even has a possibility to merge multiple photos in one or to create an animated gif from multiple photos. What is interesting, the tool has an option to find a similar face online, by using the existing photo.

paint alternative

MyPaint doesn’t look so attractive when you visit their website, but the tool itself is functional. It works on both Linux and Windows. The tool has three main settings categories, painting tools, brushes and the paint mode which you can change. For the start you can choose what kind of painting tool you want to use, such as ellipses and circles, connected lines, inking or freehand. Then you choose the brush and the paint mode

Krita is another tool that you can use for editing images. It has a very easy interface and you can even customize the side working panels, by choosing the features you use the most. Krita has a brush stabilizer that is especially convenient for users with shaky hands. It also has pop-up palette which makes choosing colors and brushes very easy.

Pinta makes your painting even easier- it has over 35 available adjustments and effects that will make your images look just the way you need. Pinta works in a way it offers multiple layers in order to group elements of the image for easier editing.

These are some of the most used Paint alternatives, have you tried any? Shoot in the comments what is your favourite painting tool and for what purpose do you use it.

3 Ways to Convert a PNG to PDF

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) stands for graphics files that can be a replacement for GIF files. The main difference between GIF and PNG files is that PNG doesn’t support animations. Since PNG files use lossless compression, they are often used to store graphics on websites. Lossless compression means that the original data can be saved after compression, in other words, when your file will be of the same quality even though its size was reduced.

PNG files don’t work well on the older versions of Internet Explorer, especially version from 4 to 8. However, PNG works well on Safari, Mozilla, Opera and Chrome. Given that PNG files can be used on all operating systems, there is usually a default program for viewing such files. For instance, you can use default Microsoft Photo Viewer or Microsoft Windows Photos to open png files in Windows. You can view png files on Mac and Linux as well. Google Drive also supports png files, so you can access them from your phone or a tablet too.

Even though PNG files have a lot of advantages, such files are not suitable for every task. In some situations, other formats, such as PDF work better. Luckily, there is a way to convert files from PNG to PDF and switch between file formats based on your needs.


How do you make a PNG file?


You can make PNG files in MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and many other graphic tools. Some of them are free and some of them are not. Almost every image creation tool has an option to save the file in png format. MS Paint, which can be found in every computer, also has an option to save the file as png.

If you choose to use MS Paint for this purpose, here’s what you need to do to save a file as a png. Click on the File menu, then on Save as PNG picture. Other graphics tools work in a similar way. Depending on the operating system you use, you can choose an image tool and pay attention to what type of image format will you choose upon saving the file.


How do you convert Paint to PDF?


When you work in Paint, you can save a picture as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF. No matter what format you’ve chosen to save the file to, you can convert Paint formats to PDF. The easiest formats to convert to PDF are JPG and PNG. They are the easiest to convert because JPG and PNG to PDF conversion technology is advanced enough to give you satisfactory results.


How do you convert PNG to PDF?


Since PDF files are of smaller size than PNG, you can use them when you need to share a file with someone else. You can convert PNG to PDF and have no trouble sending large files via email. Another reason to turn your PNG file to PDF is the text. If a picture contains text it can be better seen in PDF, even when you zoom in. Moreover, converting a picture from PNG to PDF is highly recommended when you want to print that picture. PDF files are the best choice when it comes to printing, whereas PNG files are not suitable. Pixel per inch information is discarded when you print a picture from a PNG format.

convert png to pdf

There are different ways to convert a PNG to PDF, depending on your preferences and occasion. You can convert PNG to PDF with web-based tools, mobile apps or desktop solutions. Here are the guidelines for all options, and it’s up to you which one you will use:


Convert PNG to PDF Free Online


If you don’t like to install anything on your computer, you should choose this option. Not only don’t you need to bother about installations but you can also use the online tool from anywhere, your home, office or internet caffe. If you use laptop instead of a desktop computer, you can convert PNG files to PDF online, from anywhere, under condition you have internet access. PDF Creator online is the tool you need in that case. With this tool you can turn your PNG files in PDF in just three simple steps.

The first step is to upload a PNG file by clicking on the Choose File button. When you select a PNG file from your computer, click Open and the selected file will be visible on the screen. The next step is to enter your email address, where you want to receive the converted file. When you click the Start button, PDF creation will start. In a few moments, you will receive an email with a download link. By clicking on the link, you will open a page with the Download file button where your file is waiting. Choose the location where you will save the converted file and click on Save. The whole process is very straightforward, and you just need to follow these steps.

Pros: You can do it anywhere if you have a laptop with you. If you use desktop computer you can still use it without need to install anything. In that way, you will save memory on your computer for something else.

Cons: You need internet access to run the tool.


Convert PNG to PDF Without Internet


If you don’t want to rely on having internet access all the time, you can use desktop program for PDF conversion, such as PDF Converter Elite. The only time when you will need internet is when you download the installation file. Once you install the program on your computer, you can convert PDF to different file formats and create a PDF out of any file format, without internet. In this case, you can convert a .png file to PDF by using PDF creation feature of the program.

Open the program, click on the Create button and locate the .png file you want to turn to PDF. You can even restrict the permissions of the file, if you want to keep it confidential, by applying different security options. Click the X button to close the file and you will be asked to save the newly created PDF.

If you want to keep it confidential, you can even restrict the permissions of the file, by applying different security options. To do so, before creating a PDF file, go to the File menu in the program and open PDF Creation Options. Click on the Security tab, check the Secure PDF box and enter two different passwords in the fields: User and Owner. Check the boxes which clarify different types of permissions.

Pros: You don’t need internet access to convert a PNG to PDF. You can even create secure PDF.

Cons: You need to install the program on your computer.


     Convert PNG to PDF on the go


People who are always in a hurry and prefer to complete their daily tasks on the go, usually rely on mobile devices most. Luckily, there are tons of apps for smartphones and tablets, that can help you in every possible situation. Mobile apps usually have less options than desktop ones because mobile devices are less powerful than computers and laptops. Since mobile apps are quite popular nowadays, there is a wide range of apps that convert to.png files to PDF, and you can find them on the App store and Google Play store.

Pros: You can convert files even when you are far away from your computer.

Cons: You need internet access.

What solution you find most convenient and why? When do you convert files from PNG to PDF? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

How to Merge Cells in Excel

If you are using Excel for expense tracking, sales data comparison and other finance related stuff, you will probably come into a situation when two or multiple Excel spreadsheets should be rejoined and analyzed. Whether you have multiple offices or several people working on the same thing and using different spreadsheets, you will eventually need to learn how to merge cells in Excel. The cells you need to combine can be in the same workbook but different worksheets or in the totally different workbooks. Either way, you can merge spreadsheets and compare results you need.

How to Merge Cells in Excel  Placed in Different Workbooks

If you just want to have worksheets from different Excel files merged into one document, you can achieve that in 3 easy steps. Here is how to do it:


  1. Open Excel documents you want to merge.
  2. Right mouse click on the worksheet you want to merge with another one and click on the Move or Copy.

how to merge cells in excel

  1. On the drop-down menu Move selected sheets to book, select the appropriate document and click OK.

move worksheet

Note: The data you have moved to another Excel spreadsheet will be permanently deleted from the worksheet where was initially created. If you still want to keep a copy of that data, make sure you tick the Create a copy box.

By following these steps, you can merge data from one Excel spreadsheet to another but the data from merged spreadsheets will still be in different sheets. If you want to merge data from two different sheets into one for better data comparison, just keep reading.

How to merge cells in Excel that are in the same workbook?

The thing with joining two worksheets into one is that you cannot just add data from one worksheet to another, like you did in the first case. What you need to do is to create a master worksheet that will be empty. There will be placed the data from two or more worksheets if you follow these guidelines:

  1. Select the upper-left cell of the area in the master worksheet, where you want that consolidated data to show up.
  2. Go back to one of your worksheets and select the data you want to merge. In the tab Data, click on Consolidate (Data tools tab).


  1. The window will come up like shown on the image below. From the Function drop-down list, choose the summary function that you want Excel to use to merge worksheets. The default function is SUM but you can also use other functions, according to your needs.
  2. Click the Browse button to find your workbook and the file path will be shown in Reference
  3. Go to another worksheet and select the data you want to merge. The Reference box will show up and you just need to go back to the first worksheet when the Consolidate dialog will reappear. Click Add You can repeat that action for all ranges you want to add to your merged worksheet.
  1. Press OK, and Excel will merge the worksheets for you.

Note: Make sure that data has the same layout and format and that there is no blank space within the rows.

Technology 101: Tech Tips for Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent can be quite an interesting but also a challenging job. Your task is to help someone find new home, to help a big family find a new place to live, help a single career girl find a flat in downtown. At the same time, you also need to think of your clients- homeowners who give you trust and the keys to their properties with belief you will find a perfect tenant for their residences.

Whether you are the part of real estate industry for ages or you have just taken a big leap into the world of realtors, you should embrace the possibilities of technology and learn how to be more comfortable with using technology in your everyday workflow.

Relying on technology implies using gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and ipads to fulfill your day-to-day activities. You can bring those gadgets with you and carry out all the tasks wherever you go. It is safe to say that being a real estate agent is a remote job, you always need to be on-the-go. That is the reason why you shouldn’t wait any longer and learn at least some basic tech tips and tricks.

tech tips for real estate agents

Must Know Productivity Tips


The first lesson of this technology 101 course is to learn how to be more productive by using different tools to complete recurring tasks. When you work with more than one client, you need to keep track of all your prospects. Mastering Excel is the first thing you should do because it’s an essential part of data management. There are tons of resources for learning Excel that can show you how to analyze your prospects efficiently.

When you work as a real estate agent, you obviously need to present your clients’ properties online. There are a lot of websites for people who search for a new house to buy or an apartment to rent. It is neccessary to get familiar with posting images on those websites. They usually have quite intuitive interface and submitting properties on them is a piece of cake. But sometimes they could cause toubles in uploading images, so you should be familiar with alternatives uploading ways. There are a lot of image hosting websites such as Flickr and Imgur which keep your images for free. You can get a shareable link and then share it with your clients and coworkers.

Stay Organized with Note Taking Apps


When you work out of the office you should be aware that you cannot keep all the information in your head. Taking notes is a must-do thing and chances are you probably have been doing it in a traditional manner. If you are tired of losing papers and sticky notes, consider using note-taking apps that can help you organize your notes, manage bookmarks, even set up reminders. All these tools are very straightforward, they help you keep your thoughts and they prevent you from forgetting them.

Use Technology to Locate a Property

One more thing that you probably need to do quite often is to show properties to the clients. Finding an address of the property can be done in a traditional way by asking around the neighbourhood or looking on a map. This is another task for which you can use technology. Google maps are one of those elementary tech tips you should know about. You can view the property location, get directions and estimated time of getting there.

Manage Money Efficiently

When you close the deal and sell a property, or rent it, it’s time for finance management. Sometimes you need to prepare an invoice, or you just want to keep track of your transactions. There are various finance apps that can help you with different finance tasks such as: organizing your budget, making financial reports, then calculating tax and mortgage.

Enhance Relationship with Your Clients


Keeping clients is equally important as finding new clients. Maybe even more important. One way or another, you need to nurture the relationship with your clients all the time. Technology can also help you with that. First of all- email communication. When you think of email communication, you are probably thinking of writing an email and clicking the Send button. But there is much more. You should master advanced Gmail tips and show your clients how professional you are. For example, you can schedule emails to be sent later or you can arrange them by folders. You can mark emails as tasks or even communicate with your clients without internet connection.

Have You Heard of Business Cards Apps?


As a real estate agent, you probably know a lot of people and your phone is full of contacts. Imagine your phone dies one day and you don’t have a backup of your contacts? All that work you did is lost and it will take time to retrieve all these contacts. That’s another reason to turn to technology for help and use some of those apps and tools for contact storing. Speaking of contacts, you may meet new people, possible clients or business partners and they give you their business cards. If you meet so many people, sooner or later your wallet will be full of business cards. Use business card apps instead and scan all those contacts.

Let me Google That for You


When you get a client your first task is to post the property online and make sure it reaches potential tenants or home buyers. If you are working with an old client, he already trusts you but what if you have just got a new client? He may be a bit suspicious and he will want to see on what websites did you post his property? There is an interesting way Google can help you with that. It’s called Let me Google that for you and it’s a perfect way to astonish your new client by showing him where on Google he can find his property.

Save The Environment


With closing the deal one more task shows up on your plate- document signing. Next time when you need to sign a document, you don’t have to be at your office, you can sign the documents wherever you are. Whether you have a smartphone, a laptop or an iPad, you can choose one of multiple document signing tools and sign your documents electronically. In addition to that, you should learn some document managing tips such as making secure documents in a PDF format, converting a PDF to Excel, Word and other editable formats, and other PDF tips. By adopting all these skills you will get rid of paper documents and your office will be environmentally friendlier.


Tech Tips for Making Presentation


When you have so many properties to propose, so many houses to sell or rent, maybe the most important factor of your success is the way how you present that property. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make attractive photos. There are a lot of camera apps for taking high quality pictures of your clients’ properties.

Apart from photos, you should consider making video presentations of your properties. Most people prefer videos to photos and maybe your clients would like to see more vivid presentations. So, one more technology trick you should be familiar with is to make video tours of your properties and to upload them on Youtube. For shooting a video tour you only need one of those gadgets, an Ipad or a smartphone with decent camera. Once you record the video apply the following tip: upload a video. It is very easy to accomplish given that you will be able to show a video tour of your property  to your client in a single click.

Making property presentations doesn’t just involve taking photos of that property and shooting videos, it can also include making an actual presentation in PowerPoint. Sometimes, you will need to add some more info to your presentation. When a potential buyer or tenant sees a video or a photo of the property you are pitching, he would probably want to see some basic info about the property. You can use PowerPoint to include text into your presentation. If you have already mastered the basics of Excel you will find PowerPoint much easier. Again, if you want to put your presentation online, upload it on Slideshare and share it.


Improve Communication With Your Coworkers


Getting along with your coworkers can be very challenging, especially if you work in a big team and you are scattered across the town. Your phone then is your best friend and the only way to reach out to your colleagues. However, making phone calls is not efficient enough if you need to discuss with your colleague on a specific topic. That involves taking a look at the documents, presentations. That’s why it can be very convenient to embrace this technology solution for better team collaboration. Use one of numerous collaboration tools that will enable you to work together with your colleagues. Most of these tools have a wide range of features such as brainstorming, commenting, file sharing, project managing etc.

Besides these tools for team collaboration, you should also use technology to arrange online meetings. It may often happen that not all members of your team are in the office and you need them to be all present at the meeting. In that case, you should definitely use Skype or other web conferencing tools. Most of them even record the meetings which can be useful for future reference.

With so many team members and clients, there are probably a lot of documents stored on your computer. The problem arises when you don’t have storage on your device or you want to access the documents stored on your laptop from a mobile device. Luckily, a new segment of technology, cloud technology, can assist you on that front too. Start using cloud storage tools and you will be able to access your documents wherever you are. Not to mention that your coworkers will have an access to all those files so your internal collaboration go smoothly.

How to Promote Your Business with Technology


Promoting your business is always welcome for every real estate agent. As there are various traditional ways to promote your business offline, there are also even more ways to do that online. When something is done online, it involves technology for sure. The best way to promote your business is via social media. There are multiple social media outlets but Facebook and Twitter are probably the most appropriate outlets for real estate industry. You don’t have to be a social media marketer to promote your business online.

Of course, if you want a thorough promotion you should hire professionals. But if you are on a low budget, there are some basic tricks that you can adopt quickly. You can learn to make ads on Facebook, you can use Buffer, Hootsuite or other tools for scheduling posts in advance.

If you have a client or reader base you should consider making enewsletters for your existing and potential clients. All those property presentations you’ve made can be used again in your newsletters in case they are still listed. There are a lot of newsletter tools that can help you create and distribute fresh offers to your clients.

There is one more factor that is very important for promoting a business- to stay on top of all things. To do so, you need to be informed about all real estate trends that arise every day and naturally, technology can help you with that. There are tons of news reading apps that make sure you get all the latest updates on the chosen topic. It’s not rocket science to learn to use them, you just need to download one of these apps and the rest will show itself.


When you adopt all or some of these tech tips, you will notice progress and easiness of carrying out all the work. Even if you are not a tech enthusiast, you will find these tricks quite handy. But don’t forget- there are some things that technology cannot help you with- integrity, trust and success.






Must-Have Tools Every Retail Manager Should Have

retail manager


Being a retail manager is a stressful job, because supervising retail outlets includes a wide range of responsibilities that require having various skills. While you are taking care of the staff and their performance, you are managing the financial records and budgets at the same time, you are overseeing stock prices, but you are also taking care of your customers.

If you are a retail manager, you probably have a set of professionals skills required for that job, but no matter how organized and experienced you are, you may probably find your day-to-day activities pretty demanding and time consuming.

With technology becoming a part of every aspect of your life and work, you shouldn’t think twice before you embrace it and see how technology can help you with retail management.

So here are the tools that can help you out in everyday retail management:

Humanity is a cloud-based workforce management tool that makes shift scheduling hassle-free and keeps track of your employees’ attendance. It prevents you from having uncovered shifts and gives your employees an option to collaborate among themselves and change shifts according to their needs.

Skype is a well-known tool for business and personal communication. It definitely deserves to be a part of your recruitment toolbox because it saves you time and money- you can organize remote interviews and finish your recruitment with ease.

No matter how authoritative you might be, your employees can sometimes get too comfortable and it won’t be possible to supervise them all around the store. That’s why you need a tool that can track the work of your employees. There are a lot of employee tracking tools on the market, and one of them is TrackSmart which helps you keep track of “no-show’’ employees or those who are always late.

Another tool that works in the cloud and it is widely regarded in retail industry- Vend. Vend is designed for all kind of retailers, and it makes your stock management and reporting easier. It can be easily integrated with the leading ecommerce platforms and share the inventory and sales data in real time.

PDF Converter Elite is a tool you need for managing your paperwork such as quality reports, discount sheets, item stock lists, wholesaleorder forms, inventory lists etc. As most of those documents are sent and saved in PDF, the problem arises when you need to add more data in your document. So next time you want to edit your quality report in PDF, try converting it to editable MS Office formats.

RetailNext is a tool for all retail managers who are ambitious and care about the latest trends. It gives insight into every aspect of retail business and helps you have better retail experience.

15 Excel Templates for Small Business Budget Management

excel templatesMicrosoft Excel has long been known as one of the best office tools for organizing information and analyzing data. It has long been a staple of every business, big or small, and continues to be one of the most popular tools that companies use to balance their budgets, keep track of expenses and profits, and a whole slew of other important data related functions related to not only organizing relevant business data, but also presenting it to others. There is a variety of Excel templates that conveniently help you organize the data you need to store, present or calculate, and many of them can come in very handy to small business owners who don’t have time to waste or workers to spare.

Here are 15 excellent Excel templates that will help any small business owner keep track of expenditures, income and all other budget-related data.

1) Business Budget Template is one of the more basic, but still very effective ones for organizing your company’s budget. Enter all expenses and income by category to know at all times how you are doing financially and whether you need to make any adjustments.


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How to Write a Research Paper with Help of These Tools

how to write a research paper

One way or another, all students need to write a research paper. Choosing the topic is the easiest part but when it comes to putting that topic on paper, it becomes tricky. From doing research and making notes, through literature management and team evaluation, to writing the thesis statement and headline, and finally checking grammar and spelling, it’s easy to conclude that it takes much time and effort to wrap up a research paper. Luckily, there are tons of tools that can help you out, so let’s get started and learn how to write a research paper:

Start with the research

Research is the most important part of every research paper. It implies a lot of creativity and consistency. There is no tool that can do the research for you, but at least some of them can help you save time and better organize the materials and information you come across. Internet libraries such as World Digital Library or ipl2 are historical databases with a lot of knowledge treasure you can find. Once you’ve found everything you need to start writing, it’s wise to have Evernote to organize your collection.


Evaluate and prepare collected data

Okay, you found everything you need, so now it’s time to sort things out and see what can be used and how. Mendeley is a good reference management program for managing your literature. It makes every literature review process easier and your research more organized. Once you have sorted out your literature collection and organized your data, the next step is evaluation. For this you need team collaboration tools, because you need to get feedback from someone else, your college peer or a professor. There are really tons of such tools but Dropbox is maybe the most reliable. Dropbox keeps your research paper safe and at the same time easily accessible to other people you want to get involved in the evaluation. Sometimes you will have to make historical charts, statistical tables or any other form of data that implies using spreadsheets. In that case, Microsoft Excel is the number one choice. There is no better tool than MS Excel for organizing data, but if you prefer to put your data in the cloud, you can use Google Sheets and still do excellent work.


How to write a research paper

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How to Make Math Learning Fun with Microsoft Office

free math worksheetsGood teachers are always striving to make their lessons and subject matter more fun, interesting and easy to learn.

One of the most dreaded school subjects for many children is math. Most math teachers have a hard time getting their pupils and students interested in this subject. However, math educators of modern, digital age have a huge advantage over their colleagues who taught children in the age before Internet and advanced technology.There are so many tools and websites today that offer free math worksheets to make math entertaining and easy to grasp. For example, colorful worksheets, flash cards, games, and more visual and other aids.

One such tool that many educators have sitting on their computers is Microsoft Office. Although Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote may not be the top choice that comes to mind when you need to prepare math learning materials, Microsoft Office provides free math worksheets that you can use for quick preparation of fun math aids. Unlike traditional math assignments that often seemed scary and too challenging for students, these templates can help you make the challenge look like a game, and we all know that learning through game is the quickest way to learn.

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4 Easy and Quick Ways to Convert a Facebook page into a Website

convert facebook page to websiteCreating a Facebook fan page for a local business, cause, hobby, interest, charity or anything else is pretty easy and even fun. Furthermore, setting up a simple Facebook fan page doesn’t require lots of time, technical or other specialized skills. With over a billion users around the world, Facebook is the perfect place to present your products and services, and spread the word about what you support. Besides, creating and publishing a Facebook page is fully free for every Facebook user. As a matter of fact, one user can create and maintain multiple Facebook pages. And Facebook features make it so easy for us to spread the word and support what we like or believe in. Thanks to all these advantages, Facebook pages have become a more common way of establishing an online presence than a website. Even though having a Facebook page is great, having a professional website as well is even better and more effective. If planning and creating a website isn’t an option for you right now, and you already have a Facebook fan page, then try these four apps that can turn your Facebook page into a website quickly and painlessly. Continue reading >>