rearrange pdf pages

Rearrange PDF pages with PDF Converter Elite

Users of PDF Converter Elite can work with even big PDF documents, thanks to different PDF management features. If you are working with big data and you want to reorganize it, no need to convert the whole PDF document and copy paste the data from one place to another. There is much easier way to … Read more

insert pdf into powerpoint

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the first choice when you need to make a presentation for business or school. It has a variety of different templates and themes for every purpose. You can use them as an outline and add information you need or you can make a presentation all by yourself. PowerPoint has a lot of different … Read more

convert png to pdf

3 Ways to Convert a PNG to PDF

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) stands for graphics files that can be a replacement for GIF files. The main difference between GIF and PNG files is that PNG doesn’t support animations. Since PNG files use lossless compression, they are often used to store graphics on websites. Lossless compression means that the original data can be saved … Read more

15 Excel Templates for Small Business Budget Management

Microsoft Excel has long been known as one of the best office tools for organizing information and analyzing data. It has long been a staple of every business, big or small, and continues to be one of the most popular tools that companies use to balance their budgets, keep track of expenses and profits, and … Read more

free math worksheets

How to Make Math Learning Fun with Microsoft Office

Good teachers are always striving to make their lessons and subject matter more fun, interesting and easy to learn. One of the most dreaded school subjects for many children is math. Most math teachers have a hard time getting their pupils and students interested in this subject. However, math educators of modern, digital age have … Read more

How to Create a Digital Photo Album in Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating, managing and sharing images online have become very popular thanks to handy free online image tools and social networks. As a result, we increasingly organize and keep our photos in a digital photo album. We often forget that on personal computer sit amazing applications that we paid for but don’t use to their full … Read more

Export LinkedIn Profile to PDF Resume

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals. It is an increasingly important tool in every job seeker and business professional’s toolbox. Job seeking is one of the most common uses of LinkedIn. But, with over 175 million members worldwide, it is also a place to connect, share knowledge, and network with experts from virtually … Read more

batch print html to pdf

Batch Print HTML to PDF via Email

The Internet is so full of good stuff for reading, with many knowledgeable, creative, fun, and experienced people freely sharing their expertise, tips, tricks, research and resources with other patrons of the World Wide Web. Today, it is easy to do business and academic research online because of the high-quality resources and materials that are … Read more