How to crop a PDF with PDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite doesn’t have the default crop feature but there are workaround ways to do the cropping with it. If you are a PDF Converter Elite user you would be delighted to know how to crop a PDF with our software. It is not hard to do it and you were actually using that … Read more

how to insert a continuous section break in word

How to insert a continuous section break in Word

When you write text in Microsoft Word you have numerous formatting options to choose from. Text presented in different format sizes and styles can make your document easier to read unlike text that is not formatted. Section break for instance can divide your document into sections by creating a page break between sections. In this … Read more

how to rotate video

How to rotate a video on Windows

In one of our previous articles we have showed you how to rotate PDF files. That guide can be applied to every type of document or image because you can always convert it to PDF. But what about the videos? Depending on the OS and media player you use, the steps can be different. Here … Read more

export chrome bookmarks

How to export Chrome bookmarks

When you spend hours working in front of your computer, it is inevitable that you will chance upon a lot of interesting things. Whether you don’t have time to read an article during working hours, or you want to bookmark some clothes or gadgets you want to buy later, there is no quicker way to … Read more

how to screenshot on windows 10

How to screenshot on Windows 10

A screenshot is an image of the screen that you take when you want to show someone what you see on it. Taking screenshots is possible on both mobile and desktop devices. Here we will show you how to screenshot on Windows 10. Although this is a basic task that usually everyone knows to do, … Read more

how to highlight in pdf compressed

How to highlight in PDF?

PDF format is often used to store important business documents, ebooks, case studies. If you need to study the content you saved in PDF, or you want to present it to someone else, highlighting important parts of a document can help. Before we show you how to highlight in PDF, let’s see why would you … Read more

add pdf page 1 compressed

How to add pages to a PDF

Whether you are using our free PDF converter tools or PDF Converter Elite, you can add pages to a PDF and have all data in one place. Sometimes you need to add additional content to your PDF document. There is no need to convert PDF to Word or other editable format and to add content … Read more

how to save one page of a pdf

How to save one page of a PDF

PDF files can be very large, like thousands of pages. Ebooks, study materials, accounting reports, white papers, case studies and other important documents. Although it can be easy working with PDF files if you have the right tools such as PDF Converter Elite, it is always easier to handle PDFs of smaller page numbers. If … Read more

How to secure your documents

The most important thing about dealing with business documents is to know how to keep them safe. Security breaches are very common and you never know when your precious business report will fall into the wrong hands. For that reason, you need to know how to secure your documents. No matter in what format your … Read more

How to create a map chart in office

Map charts are used when different categories or values should be presented and these values are related to more than one region or country. For instance, if you need to visually present data comparison for different postal codes, states, counties, you can use this MS Office feature. Before we show you how to create a … Read more