Ten Things to Consider Before Choosing a Portfolio Management Tool

portfolio management

Being part of a portfolio management department is a very challenging and responsible role. To make sure the projects in your portfolio are delivered on time, you need to find the most suitable approach, skillful resources and to know how to organize your time and time of other people in the team. As there are tools for every single business operation you can imagine, there are also tools for portfolio management.

In order to choose the right tool for your needs, you have to know your business well and have a clear picture of your technical and functional needs. Simply choosing a tool based on its features as listed and described by the company that produces it would not do you good. So, what questions should you have in mind when considering a portfolio management tool?

   1.   What is the quality/cost ratio of the tool?

Of course, no matter how big your budget is, you will always have in mind the price of the product you are buying. Cheaper tools usually aren’t of high quality, but don’t rush to buy the most expensive one as the price doesn’t guarantee the highest quality. What you need is to calculate the quality/cost ratio and compare it with your needs. Don’t forget to include software implementation and training costs in your total software cost. Continue reading >>

Project Collaboration Tip – How to Keep Comments from Source Documents

If you work in a team environment, you must know how hard it can be to collaborate with your team workers. It doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small team, and how well you get along with your colleagues, it is necessary to set up some project collaboration rules in order to manage your projects efficiently.

Since there are different types or work, there are different types of project collaboration, but almost every single project is closely related to some kind of document management. Each team member is usually assigned his or her own part of the project, so one should expect no problems when it comes to data overlapping. But, as a project is coming to its close, all parts of the project need to be exchanged for evaluation or just connected as a whole.

When evaluating your colleagues’ work, it may happen that you cannot follow what a colleague has done thus far and you need an explanation. Luckily, MS Office applications have the option to leave comments, so if you’re working in MS Office, you’ll be able to see your colleague’s explanation and comments in a Word document or in a specific row of an Excel spreadsheet. That can be very useful if many people work on the same document.

project collaboration Continue reading >>

PDF Converter Elite 4 has been Released- Find out What’s in Store for You!

PDFConverter.com is excited to announce the latest version of PDF Converter Elite. We have just released PDF Converter Elite 4, an all-in-one tool for PDF conversion and creation. With our vision in mind to provide the software appropriate for both business and personal usage, we tried to keep its simplicity and user-friendly layout, whilst improving the most used functionalities, as well as adding new and valuable features.


Here is a sneak peek of our latest improvements:

New PDF to AutoCAD Conversion

PDF to AutoCAD is a conversion feature that you will not find in every PDF conversion tool on the market. We know how popular AutoCAD is and we provided something that will definitely come in handy when you need to recover your old PDF drawings. Continue reading >>

Accounting Tip: Prepare a Year End Report with PDF Converter Elite

year end reportWhile most people are wrapped up in Christmas preparations, professionals like accountants and bookkeepers are preparing year end report. With the year coming to its end, there are financial reports that need to be produced. Closing a year is a demanding task and it is especially frustrating because of a heap of documentation that must be prepared.

In order to perform a year end report procedure, a business needs to file numerous documents such as general ledger, balance sheet standard, statement of cash flows, inventory valuation summary (if applicable) and profit & loss standard (Income statement) for that year. Preparing all those documents can be a daunting task for most people, excepting savvy finance professionals armed with the right document management tools. One of the primary tools in an accountant’s toolbox is definitely a professional PDF Converter software. The PDF is an often used format for reporting purposes. Because of this, a robust PDF solution like PDF Converter Elite can speed up and simplify your financial reporting in multiple ways. Let’s explore at least five of the most used ones in accounting reporting:


Extract Accounting Data from PDF

To update the general ledger and prepare all the finance reports for year-end accounting procedures, you need data. Chances are that you have lots of accounting data locked inside PDFs. If you want to edit or analyze that data, you need to extract them into an editable format like Microsoft Excel or Word. A comprehensive PDF Converter Elite offers not only simple conversion from PDF to Excel, but also a number of advanced conversion options such as the ability to activate rows to columns. This feature enables you to turn all information from one row into column and make it more visible for comparison, analysis or better data presentation.

pdf to excel advanced options

Furthermore, if you want to extract only certain parts of your PDF record, let’s say only liabilities accounts, you can use advanced selection options and convert only hand-selected data, pages or a page range.

pdf selection options

Then, it also offers you the ability to choose among multiple editable formats to convert your data into.

pdf conversion output formats

For example, sometimes it’s more efficient to convert your cash flow statement into Word, rather than Excel. In that way, the table retains its original format and you don’t need to worry if your rows and columns fit the right entries.

pdf to docx conversion


Watermark Your PDF Documents

With all these reports to prepare for the year-end procedure, it usually takes more than one person to produce and check all the records before the closing is performed. It also requires the set of values and closing rules are defined and identified. In order to do so, you can use a stamp (watermark) as a tool for identifying every rule. For instance, you can mark your general ledger periods closed by putting a watermark “CLOSED” on the document itself.  You can add both watermark text and image, and you can remove it after you run the closing request.

PDF Converter Elite enables you to watermark your PDFs with text and/or images. For example, you can stamp all your PDF reports with your company logo as many companies choose to.

add stamp to pdf

Convert Multiple Financial Documents at the Same Time

To save time and boost your productivity even more, you can batch convert multiple documents at the same time. Simply start the PDF Converter Elite, click the Batch conversion icon on the toolbar and add all the PDFs you need to transfer to Excel, Word or some of the other available formats. You can even specify the exact folder into which you want to save all output documents, click the button Convert and in a few moments start editing them, without going back to your PDF Converter and converting those documents one by one.


Create Secure year end Report

If you want to control how others view and use your documents, you can use PDF Converter Elite to create secure, password-protected PDFs. You can allow or disallow printing, copying and pasting and even modifying your PDF files. This is the best way to make your financial snapshot protected and decide who can see your company’s net income or other confidential data.

control pdf security


Turn Files to PDF without Opening Them

If you need to convert only one document to PDF, you can directly print it to PDF using PDF Converter Elite’s virtual PDF printer without opening the program. That is yet another time-saving feature that can speed up your reporting and boost overall productivity.

print to pdf


As you can already see from the above, a comprehensive PDF Converter can help you maintain control over the whole reporting process and make your accounting year-end procedure painless and efficient. But, with PDF Converter Elite 3, you can do more than that. For example, you can make edits to your PDFs even without converting them. Its PDF editing features enable you to merge, split, bookmark, resize PDFs, and so on. To explore all its features, you can download it and try for two weeks without any cost.

How to Digitize and Modify Thanksgiving Recipes without a Scanner

digitize edit thanksgiving recipesNowadays it is so easy to find amazing Thanksgiving recipes on the Internet for virtually any occasion, taste or diet. There are so many amazing blogs and sites with not only detailed recipes, but also step-by-step instructions for preparation. Thanks to this, you don’t need to be a world-class cook to make an amazing meal or even a Thanksgiving dinner.

But despite the Internet and tons of Thanksgiving recipes circling around the Web, many of us have that one priceless old family cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipe for the most savory, perfect Thanksgiving dinner (and all other important holidays). It has become a family treasure long ago and you open it only for those special occasions, because you fear that it will get damaged or that too much touching and page turning will ruin it.


Do you collect Thanksgiving recipes from magazines?


Another very common scenario would be that you collected recipes from magazines, recipe cards or scribbled them on any piece of paper or note-card you could find whenever you came across a yummy recipe. Now you have so many recipes that it is impossible to organize them, or, even worse, to find the one you want. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to digitize them, organize, tag and search them by ingredients or some other criteria? Not to mention the ability to add notes or even edit them?


How to Digitalize a Recipe without a Scanner?


If you have a scanner, it is no problem to scan them and turn them into images, which you can then easily convert to editable document formats, like Microsoft Word, using a file converter like PDF Converter Elite. It uses cutting-edge OCR technology, which enables you to easily pull out text from images into a Microsoft Word. But not everyone has a scanner in the first place, right? However, chances are you have a smartphone which lets you easily take pictures and transfer them to your computer. That, a Windows-powered computer and PDF Converter Elite are all you need to convert your Thanksgiving recipes to usable electronic file formats.

Here is how: Continue reading >>

How to Set up the Selected Worksheets So They Print on One Page

print excel to pdfIf you are a Microsoft Excel user, then you probably know that you can save your Excel spreadsheets as PDF without using any additional piece of software. This function is natively available in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 suite update. All you need to do is choose to save you active spreadsheet as PDF. However, creating the perfect and professionally looking PDF from a spreadsheet is not always so quick and straightforward. You’ve probably experienced it if you’ve tried to make a print ready PDF out of an extensive, data-rich spreadsheet with multiple rows, columns, charts and other graphics or data tables. You put in a lot of work into developing your spreadsheet and then when you save it as PDF, it ends up broken into multiple-page PDF without visible connection or order. Does it sound familiar?

The real reason behind this is that MS Office is using your print settings for saving Excel spreadsheets as PDF files. Since default print setting is No Scaling (meaning that sheets will be printed in their actual size), your bulky spreadsheet will be converted to PDF using this setting. Should you want to fit your spreadsheet to one page PDF, it means that you need to change your printing options to Fit Sheet on One Page before saving the spreadsheet as PDF. It’s all simple, but it is usually an extra step that you need to think about and take.


How to Fit Excel Sheet on One Page



fit excel sheet on one page


For those computer users who want to make the most of their time and accomplish routine tasks as fast as possible without sacrificing quality, there is a quick solution to fitting an Excel spreadsheet into a single page PDF. The solution’s called a Continue reading >>

5 Top Reasons for Writers to Convert Epub to PDF

epub to pdfDigital publications are a great threat to the survival of printed ones. Owners and publishers of print magazines, newspapers and books are either crossing over to the e-publishing side that promises them a brighter future, or they are trying to make printed publications more appealing in some other way – by offering free gifts, discounts, inventing disappearing ink that prompts readers to read more quickly, etc. But whatever they do, one thing is clear: the (very near) future of publishing is in its digital form.

No wonder the web is full of commentary and step-by-step guides on how to publish electronic books. E-books are digital publications that can contain all kinds of media, not just text and images. They can include videos, hyperlinks, and even audio components. This makes a printed publication as we know it outdated in the face of the e-book’s interactive potential.

Furthermore, e-books can be distributed much more quickly than print publications ever could, avoiding shipping costs, which makes this one of the top reasons for writers to readily accept the new reign of the digital publication.


Most Common E-book Formats


E-books most commonly come in PDF, EPUB or HTML format, though browsing through popular free e-book sharing websites we can see that there are many more of them. Some of the most popular are:

EPUB – designed by the Open eBook Forum and available for use on iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook. Continue reading >>

How to Make an Ebook in PDF from Web Pages

Surfing the Web nowadays helps you find tons of useful, informative, educational or entertaining content. If you are researching a certain topic, you will undoubtedly find many great and helpful web articles, texts and posts on the subject very quickly. Actually, most times you will find yourself overwhelmed with all this content from various sources and discover that you stumbled on so much material that you can create a regular book from it for reading or studying over a longer span of time. The good news is that it is actually possible! Here is a tip on how to make an eBook from web articles with our premium and professional software for PDF management, PDF Converter Elite .

1) Open the article in your preferred web browser and choose to print it. For example, in Google Chrome right click on the page and choose Print from the option menu.

print google chrome

2) Choose PDF Converter Elite from the list of installed printers on your computer and click the Print button.

pce3 printer

Continue reading >>

Manage Your PDF eBook Collections with Adobe Digital Editions

organize pdf booksAdobe Digital Editions is a free application for reading and managing ebooks in PDF and EPUB formats. These are some of the most commonly used and widely supported eBook formats. If you have large collections of documents and ebooks in PDF or EPUB, this free desktop app by Adobe is a great solution for organizing and managing them in multiple ways.

Adobe Digital Editions is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Simply choose the platform, download the installer and run it to install the application.

Once installed, Adobe Digital Solutions will allow you to:

• Shelve and systematize your EPUB and PDF collections. You can literally stack eBooks on nicely labeled bookshelves in the library. Adobe has prepared for you some built-in bookshelves labeled as unread, recently added or borrowed books, but you can create as many additional bookshelves as you want to systematize and classify your book collections. You can also sort publications in your library by title, author and publisher. Continue reading >>

How to Email Large Files with Compression Software

email large filesWhen sending a large document via email, there are some obvious problems right off the bat. The maximum size allowed for attachments depends on the email client. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others all have different maximum email attachment sizes. What you need to do to send a large file depends on the email client you use.

When working with PDF files, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations you may have to cut corners with some of the multimedia parts of the file. Finding some smaller and lossless data compression versions of pictures and other multimedia is a great way to get the file smaller. The smaller the initial file, the easier it will be when it comes to cutting up the last compressed file. Reducing the quality of music to low rate MP3 files, using TIFF or lossless JPEG formats for photos and using low quality animations in PowerPoint presentations are great ways to shrink the size of your files. Continue reading >>