how to subtract in excel

How to subtract in Excel

Working in Excel is not just entering data into different cells. It is much more. You can use Excel formulas to speed up data calculations, Excel charts and line graphs to visualize your data, Excel tables to organize your data and so on. As Excel data is always about numbers and statistics, one among the … Read more

how to sign a word document

How to sign a Word document

Since paper documents are widely replaced by digital documents, it is no wonder that business users turn over to digital signatures instead of traditional ones. Given that most types of business documents that require a signature are actually done in Word, here we will show you how to sign a Word document. Of course, when … Read more

how to insert checkbox in word

How to insert checkbox in Word

Microsoft Word has a lot of purposes and it is not just a word processing application. You can format your text in different ways and make professional business documents. With so many usages and features, you may not know how to apply every one of them. Here we will show you how to insert checkbox … Read more

MS Office 2016 shortcuts bookkeepers need to know about

Bookkeeping usually involves working with Excel spreadsheets and data analysis. With so many data and information you need to handle, it would be efficient to know some Excel tips and tricks. In addition to advanced Excel skills such as learning conditional formatting and formulas, you can learn MS Office shortcuts that will speed up your … Read more

how to make a line graph in excel

How to make a line graph in Excel

Line graphs in Excel are standard options together with bar graphs. Whereas bar graphs are good for presenting proportions, line graphs are used to predict the data in future time periods and to track trends. If you need to present data visually in Microsoft Excel you can use line graphs to show the data. In … Read more

excel vs cv

Difference between Excel and CSV, when to use it

Data scientists, finance and accounting professionals, bookeepers, they all use Excel in everyday work. Even freelancers use Excel to manage personal finances and keep track of their spendings. The wide usage and purpose of Excel is well known, especially when it comes to data analysis, data visualization, math functions and finance calculations. Unlike Excel document … Read more

how is excel used

How has Excel changed the world

Three years ago Microsoft Excel turned 30. Some people would say thirties are the best time of life. Microsoft Excel has never been better for sure, and every version has new and even more useful features. Below in this article you can see the timeline of Excel versions and features’ comparisons. Many different businesses rely … Read more

how to switch columns in word

How to Switch Columns in Word

In one of our previous articles, we showed you how to make columns in Word. Columns are used in legal documents, school tests, newspapers, books. People usually avoid writing in columns because it gets pretty hard to format the content inside the column and keep it neat. Another reason that people might avoid using columns … Read more

remove formatting in word

How to Remove Formatting in Word

When writing in MS Word you are usually more focused on the content than on the technicalities. What you write is more important than how you write it, what font do you use for different content sections. That is the first phase of the work. But when the content is finished and the images are … Read more

how to password protect a word document

How to Password Protect a Word Document

Document security has become very important in everyday lives of ordinary people. Consider that many documents are of a sensitive nature, be it legal or business documents, many people need to secure them. Putting restrictions on your document is a wise move, because only persons you’ve chosen will be able to see your confidential document. … Read more