How to Convert PDF to PNG

There are different formats of image files, such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, BMP and many other.  Every image file format has its advantages and disadvantages. PNG files are often used for Internet purposes, when uploading photos to a website. In some situations, especially when you need to print an image or to transfer it somewhere, converting PNG to PDF form is a right choice. But later on when you need to rework your image with image tools, you need to know how to convert that PDF to PNG.


You can turn a PDF to PNG with PDF Converter Elite and here is a detailed guide:


Download a free trial of our PDF Converter Elite program. The free trial lasts for 7 days and you can convert as many PDFs as you like for that time. Have in mind that you can convert only three pages per document.


When you run the program, go to the File menu and then Open, or click on the Open icon on the toolbar.


Select a PDF from your computer and double click on the file to open it in PDF Converter Elite.


Open a PDF, Choose PDF to Image Conversion and Convert PDF to PNG


The next step is to click on the Image icon (you will find it in the toolbar, after AutoCad icon). Another way to do that is from the Convert menu, and then PDF to Images option.


When it comes to PDF to Image conversion, there are multiple image formats to choose from and here is set up by default that the output format is PNG.

convert pdf to png


So, after you choose the Select option you don’t need to change the image format, and you can just click the Convert button. You can select the whole PDF, only specific pages of it, or the area you define.


To make your image monochrome, tick the Black and White box.


For PDF to PNG conversion, you can also adjust image size: its dimension and scale. By default, image size is defined by width but you can change it to be defined by height. All these options are available on the right side of the screen (see the image below).


To change the scale, click on that option first and choose the wanted value.


If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always click the Reset button and start again.


For scanned PDFs, you can turn on the option which is called Convert Using OCR. You can find the option in the Convert menu, OCR options.

What are the reasons to convert PDF to PNG? When do you use PNG files? Share with us in comments.

How to Convert PNG to JPG without Losing Quality

PNG and JPG files are the most used image file formats. Both files formats have their own purpose. For instance, .png files are good for images that are used on the websites. This file format has lossless compression whereas .jpg file format has lossy compression. Since these two formats have differences, it is often necessary to turn PNG to JPG or vice versa.


Lossless or lossy compression?

PNG files are in nature lossless which means the quality of the image stays almost unalterable when the file is compressed. JPG files are of lossy compression- in other words, when you compress a JPG file it loses quality which cannot be restored.


Which is better quality PNG or JPG?

If you have understood the difference between lossless and lossy compression, you know that PNG files are of better quality. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use JPG files and not convert PNG to JPG format. JPG files are quite useful when you need a file of a small size.

If you don’t know how to convert PNG to JPG and keep the quality of the image, rest assured that there is a way. The easiest way is to use Paint, but if you have PDF Converter Elite, you can use it to convert PNG to JPG.


How to Convert PNG to JPG with Paint


png to jpg

Click on the File menu and then on Open, or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+O. Click on the PNG file you want to turn to JPG, and then on Open button.


The PNG file will now open in Paint.


how to convert png to jpg


Again, click on the File menu, Save as > JPEG picture.

Choose the file name, its location and click the Save button.


convert png to jpg


How to Convert PNG to JPG with PDF Converter Elite


To use PDF Converter Elite for PNG to JPG conversion, you need to convert PNG to PDF first and then to JPG.


Start the program, click on the Create button and open a PNG file in PDF Converter Elite. The file is automatically converted to PDF and by clicking on X button you will be asked to save the PDF file.


png to pdf

Note: If you not sure how to use PDF Converter Elite to create a PDF, learn more in our user guide.


Now when your PNG file is saved to PDF, you can easily convert PDF to JPG:


  1. Open PDF in PDF Converter Elite
  2. Click on the Image button
  3. Select the whole document, or the area
  4. Change output type as JPG (the default output type is PNG)
  5. Click the Convert button.


On the image below, you can see all the steps. You can use this guide to convert PDF to JPG, but also to other image formats. In that case, just choose other output type (step 4.)


convert pdf to jpg


To conclude


All image file formats have their purpose and can be used and altered very easily. You can change PNG to JPG when you need a file of a smaller size, and when the quality is not crucial. Of course, when the quality is a priority, you should better stick to PNG. With this detailed guide you will be able to change image formats, even to manipulate with PDF files as well.


How to Write on a PDF with PDF Converter Elite

If you have searched for guides on how to write on a PDF, you are probably aware of all PDF benefits. Not only can PDF be used on different operating systems and viewed on every device, but it can also keep your data secure. In addition to that, PDF files are usually of smaller size which means more memory on your computer.


PDF files are often used for business or school, when you need to prepare a portfolio or a presentation. You can save different types of content in a PDF, such as images, video and audio,etc. It is very easy to create a PDF from any native application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office formats.


But here’s the thing,


The problem arises when you need to add text to a PDF and you don’t want to convert a PDF to Word, make changes in Word and create a PDF again. You need something quicker, to type on a PDF directly.


Can you type in a PDF document?


Yes, you can type in a PDF document but only if you use specialized PDF tools that have that feature. There are only a few PDF conversion programs that have an ability to edit PDF files without conversion. With PDF Converter Elite you can write on a PDF and make necessary edits without converting PDF to Word or other formats.


How to add text to a PDF?


After you install PDF Converter Elite, open a PDF you want to modify and go the Edit options. Then add text to a PDF by clicking on the Add button and on the exact spot on the document where you want to write.


Here is a step by step guide:

 open pdf

Click the Open icon and find the PDF file you need.


Select the PDF file with the left mouse click and click on the second Open button, that will show up in the Open dialog.


edit pdf

Next step is to click on the Edit as shown on the image above.


When you choose the Edit option, you will see the editing panel on the right side of the program.


It will look like this:

add text to a pdf

You can guess from the screenshot above that the next step is to click the Add button.


When you do that, you will notice green lines on the document. What you need to do is to click on the exact area of the document. Finally, start typing in that small box. There are limits with regards to the number of characters. Don’t get confused with that small box, it will become bigger as you write.


how to write on a pdf


This is how to write on a PDF, but wait there is more


As you can see, there are some text settings under the Add button. You can easily change the font style, its colour and the size.


change font


If you want to repeat the action, just click the same button again and then click on the chosen part of the document.


Since now you know how to write on a PDF, it may be useful to have in mind that you can delete certain parts of the document in the same way. Logically, instead of choosing the Add text button, you will choose the Delete in that case.

How to Extract Pages from PDF

When dealing with large PDF files, it may be hard to analyze data carefully and to scroll pages back and forth. Since you probably don’t need the data from the whole document at once, you can extract pages from your document and thus have two or more separate smaller documents. In that way, it will become easier to manipulate the data and make analysis. So here is a detailed guide on how to extract pages from PDF files and get a PDF of a smaller size.

When Do You need to Extract Pages from PDF?

Before we explain to you how to extract pages from PDF files, check out some situations when you will need to know this trick:

  • When you don’t have too much space on your computer and you don’t need the whole document, extract only the pages you need and delete the rest.
  • When you want to share the document with your colleagues or coworkers but it is too big to send it via Skype or email. Extracting only necessary pages will solve the problem.
  • When the file is too big to go through and analyze data.

How to Start?

Firsthand, download PDF Converter Elite on your Windows. It works with all versions of Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit edition. Start the program and click on the Open button to select a PDF file you want to split.

Then click on the Edit button and on the right side of the screen you will see the editing sidebar as presented on the image below.

how to extract pages from pdf

What to do next?

In the Pages section, choose Split PDF File option and when a small windows pops up define the first and the last page number.

split pdf file

Click the Split button and all pages of a document between those two numbers will be extracted. You will be automatically asked to save the extracted pages of a PDF. Before clicking on the Save button you can choose a location where you will save your file.

If you to extract a document in more than 2 different pieces, you can repeat the whole process.

Pages Are Extracted from PDF

That’s pretty much it. In a few straightforward steps you can extract pages from PDF and have less difficulties in document analysis. This PDF tip is perfect for data analysts, but also for students and teachers who don’t need all materials from the PDF book and other professions that involve working with large documents.

When you extract pages from PDF, you get two or more different documents and each document will be of less size and volume. Not only will it be easier for data processing but much easier for sending files to other people via email or Skype. Do you know some other situations when this trick may come in handy? If so, share with us in comments.

How to Rotate PDF Files

Performing classical editing options on a PDF file can be quite troublesome because of their read-only nature, and one of them is definitely the rotation of the entire document, or just specific pages of the document. The reasons to rotate PDF files can be numerous, ranging from either the need to fit a specific screen type, or rotating only the pages that have images (or graphics) on them, while preserving the original outlay of all the other pages. We shouldn’t focus too much on possible intentions for rotating PDFs, because each individual has their own unique requirement to do it, depending on the file in question, instead we should concentrate on how to overcome this distinctive, but fairly simple issue- to rotate PDF files.


Rotate PDF Files by using PDF Converter Elite

Download the free trial version of the software here, and once you’ve installed it on your computer, open the PDF you require to be edited. This is achieved by selecting the Open icon found on the upper left part of your monitor.


rotate pdf files


Once the file is selected, the next thing needed to be done is to open the Edit window, which is also found in the upper left corner.


rotate pdf

The Edit subsection offers multiple choices, and to rotate your PDF, click on the Rotate Pages button.

rotate pdf pages


Here you can determine the starting and finishing page you desire rotated, and the angle of the rotation itself. You can choose from 90° clockwise, 90° counterclockwise, and 180°. If you require to rotate multiple pages that don’t go in a row, just repeat this step again.


rotate pdf file

How do you permanently rotate a PDF?

When you rotate a PDF by following the rules above, click on the X button to close the PDF file and you will be asked to save the changes. In that way you will permanently rotate a PDF file.

How do I rotate a single page in a PDF?

If your PDF file is big and you want to rotate only one page, open the PDF in the same way, by clicking on the Open icon. Then click the Edit menu and the Rotate button. Type in the same number of the page, in the first page and the last page section. In that way, only one page will be rotated. Click Rotate and that’s it.

How do I save a PDF as horizontal?


In order to rotate a PDF horizontally, choose one of these two options: 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on whether you want to move your PDF horizontally on the left or right. So, in the same way as explained above, open a PDF in PDF Converter Elite, choose the Rotate option and set up the numbers of pages you want to rotate and the angle.

So there you have it, hopefully this short tutorial will aid you once you have the need to edit your PDF file in this somewhat unusual, but very useful way. For more PDF tips visit our PDF knowledgebase here.


How to Delete Pages from PDF

Working with big data can be exhausting and time consuming. Often those files that you need to analyze are kept in PDF format, which is known for its capacity to keep the document protected. That comes in handy for document safety purposes, but if you want to get rid of some parts of the document you will need to learn how to delete pages from PDF files.

If you deal with large PDF files, the only way to process all that data is to delete unnecessary pages. In a few steps you can get rid of information you don’t need and have a better organized PDF document.


Use PDF Converter Elite to Delete Pages from PDF Files


Install a free trial of PDF Converter Elite here.

Upon running the program, open the PDF file you are working with. To open a PDF file, click the Open icon or File > Open.

Delete Pages option is accessible via Edit button shown in the toolbar. You can also access the Edit options by clicking on Edit menu.

If you click on Edit button on the toolbar, a sidebar will show up on the left offering you different editing options. One of them is Delete Pages button.

delete pages from pdf

If you choose to click on Edit menu, a drop-down menu will appear where you will find Delete Pages option.

Note: This option is only available if your PDF contains more than one page.


So, what is the next step?

Continue reading >>

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Did you know? Managing documents can have direct and huge impact on your productivity. Imagine you have received a document via email and you cannot open it or the formatting is lost because you and the person who sent the document don’t use compatible programs. If you deal with paper documents, it may probably happen that you cannot find the paper document you need or your desk is covered with a pile of papers. There are many examples that prove that going paperless is a must and adopting your business to paperless method of document management, necessarily involves dealing with scanned documents.

Why people use scanned documents?

The answer is simple. Long time ago, everything was kept on paper. When business turned to paperless technology, they couldn’t start from scratch and just forget about paper documents. They had to be transferred in a digital form. The only way to do that is via scanner and the result is a scanned document. Scanned documents are usually saved in PDF format. The problem arises when you need to edit a scanned document, because not all PDF conversion tools can successfully convert scanned PDF files.

How to Edit Scanned PDFs?

If you need to edit a scanned PDF first you need to convert it to editable file format such as MS Word, Excel and other. After the conversion you just need to open a converted file in one of these programs and edit its content. If you convert a scanned PDF to Word and the conversion result cannot be edited, that means you converted a file from one format to another, for example, from PDF to Word, but it is still unusable- the text is still locked within an image. That means, the PDF converter you use doesn’t have the OCR technology. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and only if a PDF converter has an integrated OCR, it can convert scanned PDFs.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word?

There are three ways to convert a PDF to Word: online- by using PDF to Word online, offline- using desktop PDF Converter Elite program, on your mobile phone- using some of the numerous PDF mobile apps on the market. You can convert scanned PDFs with both tools mentioned above, because they have integrated OCR technology.

To convert a PDF to Word online:

  1. Click here and tap on Choose File button.

convert pdf to word

  1. Enter your email address where you want to receive the download link to your file.
  2. Click Start button and within a few minutes expect a converted file in your inbox.

pdf to word

To Convert a PDF to Word with PDF Converter Elite:


  1. Download the program first.
  2. Run the program and click the Open icon to locate a scanned PDF you wish to convert.
  3. Click the Edit menu and tick Convert Using OCR option. You will find it in OCR Options section. In that way, you are turning on the OCR engine.
  4. Click the Word icon to convert a scanned PDF to Word.

scanned pdf to word

  1. On the right side panel, choose one of three selection options. You can select the whole document, only an area of the document or the certain pages.
  2. Choose the conversion mode and click the Convert button.

How to Convert PDF to JPG with PDF Converter Elite

PDF conversion is an inseparable part of every document management action. One of the most popular conversions apart from PDF to Word, is definitely PDF to JPG. People are often in need to convert PDF to JPG files. Whereas there are a lot of online tools that enable easy conversion from PDF to JPG, desktop tools offer additional settings and customization of the output file. Here you will learn how to convert PDF to JPG file with PDF Converter Elite.

Start PDF Converter Elite and click the Open icon to pick a PDF you want to convert to Image file format. The selected file will appear in the document (central) area of the program. From the Convert menu, you can select the option PDF to Images or click Image icon from the menu bar. On the right side of the screen you will see the Select options. Not only can you select all pages of the PDF document, but you can also utilize only specific area of the document or certain pages.

Under the Select option you can see the Image Format options as well as Image Size settings.convert pdf to jpg

Change Image Format Output

The conversion output file is setup by default to be a .png file. To convert a PDF to JPG, just choose that format from the list of formats. The JPEG image quality is set up to be 100% but that can be changed as well.

Change Image Size

Dimensions of the image can be easily changed. You can adjust both width and the height of the image. In addition to that, you can scale the image and in that way reduce the image size.

Additional Tips

If you want to have your image black and white, tick that box. If you have changed your mind about the settings you set up, just click the Reset button and start from scratch.

The final step is to click the Convert button and the converted jpg file will be automatically saved to your computer.

How to Extract Table from a PDF

Being a regular Excel user implies coping with table structures and pie charts for the sake of better data visualization. No matter what type of data you are working with and what its purpose is for you, business or personal, being skilled at making a functional Excel table can make your job or personal life easier, and your data neater and better organized. Working with Excel spreadsheets is usually closely related to working with PDF files – as you all know, the PDF format can be the right choice if you want to preserve your data and not worry if the person you want to send your worksheets to will accidentally alter important information from your document. That being said, your Excel skills alone are not enough, and sooner or later you will need to put your PDF conversion skills to test.

Converting PDF to Excel is probably something you may have some experience with, as there are quite a lot of PDF conversion tools on the market that actually do the job instead of you. But, you cannot expect those tools to help you in every situation, especially when you are dealing with complex PDF tables or you want to extract only a specific Excel table from your PDF. In that case, you will need to learn this extra skill – data extraction. Are you ready? Continue reading >>

Why You Should Go Paperless with PDF Converter Elite

go paperless and recycle

Some people see saving the planet and environment as a necessity and some see it as a trend. There are a lot of ways to contribute to ecology protection, and one way that is at the same time related to technology is to go paperless. The increasing use of paper is considered to be one of the great dangers that threaten our environment. So turning to digital is not just an increasingly popular trend, but rather a means of protecting the environment.

The first thing you do when you decide to go paperless is scan all your documents and get rid of papers, then start using e-banking and managing documents digitally. Not only will you help the environment and save a tree or two, you will also have all your documents stored on a computer – which can be viewed as a productivity trick, because you’ll be able to find data and documents much faster searching on the computer than searching through a pile of papers.

So, you’re probably asking yourself – how is PDF Converter related to this story? Well, once you go digital, you need to manage documents electronically, and you will certainly deal with documents in PDF format. There is a reason for that – PDF is the most popular file format because it keeps the format and the document’s data intact. But there is one catch: if you want to edit the document, you will need a converter that converts PDF files to editable file formats, because the PDF itself is difficult to modify. Continue reading >>