Online Teachers Tools that Make Lectures More Creative

Being a teacher today is not an easy job. It was almost certain that with the rise of technology some parts of the traditional educational system would change, and they have. In today’s digital world, teachers need to constantly engage their students to attract their attention since they are spending more time on mobile phones, tablets and are generally not interested in classical lectures. It is harder than ever, and teachers need to struggle to keep the students’ attention during lectures, because old methods of teaching are simply not interesting any more.

The reason this is happening is because students nowadays rather spend time using gadgets and software tools than writing and reading in a traditional way, and what is more important, they love the new technologies. Since they can get an answer to any question with a single tap on their phones, listening and paying attention to the same old classes can be exhausting.

As an answer to the students’ needs and wishes, teachers need to adapt to these changes, to find new and interactive ways of teaching that students will find amusing and stimulating. If teachers want to remain memorable and pass on valuable knowledge to their students, they need to modify their lectures to make them engaging and effective. And that can be done easily.

teachers tools

Here we present a list of online tools that will help teachers create more interesting lectures.

Animate Your Students with Video Lectures


Animoto: helps teachers easily create amazing video lectures that students will love. It is convenient for the classroom or any other presentation meeting.

Go!Animate: is a video creation tool that can help you easily create custom, fun, personal or professional animation videos that will hold your students’ attention. It enables you to create videos in a safe online environment, to limit the video distribution to specific student groups, and to moderate the video before it becomes visible to the group.

PlayPosit: is a tool for embedding questions and comments in Youtube videos for students to answer as they watch.


Create Compelling Presentations


Prezi: A very neat presentation tool that helps you create, edit and share your unique and visually stunning presentations. If you are too busy to make presentations, there are multiple Prezi templates you can reuse.

Office Mix: is an add-on for PowerPoint, perfect for teachers who want to make interactive presentations by adding polls, questions, simulations, and much more.

Piktochart: is a powerful tool for creating infographics that can captivate the students’ even more. It also has pre-made templates to use if you are too busy to create templates from scratch.

Timeline JS is an easy-to-use open-source tool that enables, both amateur and professional users to make astonishing and visually appealing interactive timelines. You can combine several ways how you wish to create your timeline, but at the end, the final result will always be breathtaking.


Have Better Communication with Students


Socrative: An Interactive tool that teachers can use to get in touch with their students, prepare educational exercises, track progress or give grades. This tool is also ideal for making polls and quizzes.

Padlet: is an online school backpack you can use to create a welcome board where students can introduce themselves, or to create a whole lesson which you can share with a restricted number of users. The process of sharing or restricting access and editing text is similar to working in Google Drive, but interface is more school-friendly.


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The History of Cloud Accounting

Cloud computing and its benefits are already widely recognized and embraced. This infographic takes you back to the beginnings of cloud accounting. Learn how accounting found its spot in the clouds, and go through its evolution path.

The History of Cloud Accounting

Whether you are a CPA or a small business owner, be sure to stay tuned to what the future of cloud accounting will bring and to take into account the many advantages it has for improving your business.

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Top 7 Paperless Alternatives to Printable Note Taking Lists

note taking If you want to remember to do something, you had better write it down. This is especially true when it comes to our daily chores, tasks and all other to-do’s that just seem to keep piling up and coming down on us. One has to remember all sorts of dates like anniversaries and birthdays, groceries and other items to buy, an ever growing number of assignments and tasks to accomplish at work as an employee and a team member, and the list goes on and on.

Most of us find it hard to keep up with all these responsibilities without a sort of to-do list that helps us get things done on daily basis. Some prefer to scribble down their chores and tasks on a piece of paper, while others, mostly business people and employees, have long preferred neatly typed and printed assignment lists. However, we all know that paper is very expensive in terms of environment sustainability. Thankfully, technology offers solutions and a really wide array of alternatives to printable note taking solutions. It’s all a matter of finding and choosing the most suitable one. Let’s then inspect some of the best available free note taking tools out there, for desktop and mobile productivity. Continue reading >>

13 Free Online Tools to Create Text Pictures

convert text to image

Beautiful and appealing images and graphics can liven up any document, report, presentation, lesson or book. Graphics, photos, charts and other imagery are important not only because of their aesthetic aspect, but also because they help us convey our message more clearly, learn and grasp new concepts more easily quickly, and easily understand business and financial data better. One of the best indicators of how visual presentations of words are important in our lives is the ubiquitous popularity of image sayings, quotes and other text pictures on social web sites.

Text pictures simply grab people’s attention, just like nice charts and graphs work better for presenting financial and numerical data. They can be used not only on the web, but also in business or school presentations, documents or ebooks. If you think beautiful text pictures are difficult to create if you have no designing skills, this might be true. However, there are many text to image converters that can make up for your lack of design prowess. All you need are basic Internet skills, text to convert to images, and some time to test and choose your favourite tools from this list of free online apps for creating text pictures that the team has put up for you.

1. Quozio

text pictures

Quozio lets you quickly and easily convert a text quote to an image. All you need to do is type in or paste the text you want converted to image in the field Enter your quote…. and the name of the author in the Who said it field. Click the Go button and choose among 28 styles for your text picture. You can download the text picture to your computer and share it on social networks as well. Quozio additionally offers the option of creating a free Quozio user account, or you can log in with a personal Facebook account. If you do that, you will be able to save your text pictures in your account by clicking the Keep button or by sending them directly to your Facebook album of choice.

2. tagxedo

As a word cloud with style, Tagxedo can turn any letters, words, news articles, slogans, quotes or speeches into visually stunning and eye-catching word clouds. With this tool, you can choose a variety of interesting fonts font and customize color, shape, and size to get those amazing images. Also, there is a possibility to share and even save your work for further printing. It’s a fun and exciting process that you will enjoy for sure.

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8 Top Tools for Email Management and Better Productivity

email management apps No matter who you are – a business professional, a student, or stay at home mom – you probably use your email a lot. Everyone uses email these days to communicate and share ideas because it has become just as common place as using a phone or sending a package in the mail. Naturally, with all of the emails coming in to your account on a daily basis, you might need to acquire email management skills – especially if you use the same accounts for business and personal matters. And just like you have telemarketers bothering you on the phone, there is the threat of spam emails that can keep your inbox untidy as well.

Here are eight fantastic tools that will help you with email management and make sure you never miss out on any important emails by keeping the clutter down, but also help you to improve your general productivity at home or the office.

1. Organizer

If you are not the best at email management,  Organizer by OtherInbox can be of great help. It gives you labeled folders in which it instantly sorts all of your mail into folders so that you know where to find what you’re looking for when you enter your inbox. It’s also highly customizable and compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and organizer

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How to Create a Free Travel Journal

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” – said Ibn Battuta, the 14th century Moroccan traveler and explorer.  Battuta’s adventures and impressions were documented and recorded in the book called Rihla, which means The Journey. Thanks to this manuscript, Battuta’s travel stories are remembered and told even today, seven centuries later. Do you remember all your travel stories? If not, better create a travel journal and make sure everything is documented.

Traveling enriches people and creates many memorable moments. But memories are often elusive. In order to be remembered, all the great stories and happenings should be recorded as they happen or shortly after. Thanks to the advent of blogging, it is possible not only to create rich and interactive travel journals, but also share them instantly with friends and family.

Here are three great websites that allow you to create a travel journal on the go:


1. Travellerspoint


Travellerspoint allows you to create your own, free travel blog so you can show off your trips in style. Trevellerspoint blogs are highly customizable and include some powerful features. Some of the most notable features include your own subdomain, interactive travel mapping, unlimited video and photo uploads, professionally designed blog templates, password protection, and more. Continue reading >>

How to Make a Flipbook with These 5 Tools

stylish-pdfPortable Document Format or simply PDF, is probably the first format that comes to mind when you want to archive and back up your documents or share them with others. With PDF, you are always sure that each and every document user will be able to open and view it. There is no need to worry about the operating system or software they use.  Thanks to its benefits, PDF is often used for various digital publications like ebooks, magazines, catalogs, brochures, user guides and manuals, and many others.

However, sometimes you may want to spice up your online documents or share your portfolio in a more compelling, eye-catching or simply different way. Thanks to the PDFs popularity, many online tools have emerged to help you transform your PDFs into stylish, trendy online publications. Some are even completely free. Here are five great ones:


1) Isuu


Issuu  is the leading digital publishing platform that enables individuals, companies and institutions alike to upload their PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or Word documents, and turn them into exceptional digital magazines, newspapers and catalogs. It is very easy to use.

Not only can you upload your documents and create stunning online publications, but you can also create and organize your own library of great magazines, catalogs, and other high quality content.  Millions of people use Issuu to showcase their own work. Users can search, favorite, bookmark, thumb-up or thumb-down publications and make friends with other publishers. The best part is that each presentation can easily be shared and embedded on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs and websites. They can also be downloaded.

Issuu is free to use. However, it shows ads in every free publication. Professional publishers who want to transform their documents into digital editions without advertising may opt for Issuu Pro, which is available as a 14-day free trial. The pro version also provides advanced customization options, detailed statistics and more.


how to make a flipbook

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20 Essential Online Business Dictionaries

online business dictionariesWhether you are a business student or you are learning about business on the run as a small business owner, you are going to need some resources to help you with understanding the business world. The terminology and jargon of the business world is growing at a rapid pace, but thankfully, there are plenty online dictionaries to help you keep up.

Here are 20 of the best and most essential online business dictionaries for keeping up with the evolution of the language of business.


General Business Dictionaries

1. Business Dictionary

online business dictionaries
Much more than just a business dictionary, this is a full-fledged resource page that will offer you business tips every day and in-depth articles on all things business-related.

2. Library Spot

business glossary
This site links to eight outstanding business dictionaries, including the Washington Post’s online business dictionary and CNN Financial’s glossary of business terms.

3. Your Dictionary

business terms
One of the best looking and sleekest business dictionaries on the internet, Your Dictionary performs fast searches of its large database of business terms and presents the definitions very clearly. The print version of this dictionary is a very popular option for people who are interested in buying a physical copy of a business dictionary.

4. All Business

business glossary
A very complete business glossary that allows you to search multiple dictionaries, including dictionaries for business terms, banking terms, financial terms, accounting terms and much more.


5. Cambridge Business Dictionary

cambridge dictionary
This world famous dictionary has a section for business English, giving you all the business words and their explanations. This disctionary is great if you are not sure when to use what word because it gives examples of how the given word is used in sentences.


Financial Dictionaries

6. Barkley’s Comprehensive Financial Glossary

online business dictionary
Barkley’s is the best online glossary if you are looking to find definitions of financial terms that you still do not comprehend or financial ideas that are new to you. Continue reading >>

7+ Free Online Tax Calculators and Tools

free online tax toolsTax preparation and filing can be a pretty daunting task.  However, online tax preparation and filing solutions can simplify your life tenfold. There are even free online tax calculators and tools for you to use. Everyone can benefit from these tools, while individuals with simple tax situations can calculate and file their taxes easily, quickly and for no cost at all using the tools from the following list:


1. on-line taxes

online taxes

On-Line Taxes can assist you with the status of your tax return as it’s an IRS authorized e-file partner. The tool can provide you a simple, secure, and accurate preparation to get your refunds back, fast and cheap.


2. TurboTax

turbotax online tool

TurboTax Freedom Edition is a free online federal tax preparation tool. It allows you to prepare and e-file returns for free and to qualify for free state tax filing.

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Convert Megabytes to Gigabytes online free and more

free online unit converter Do you often need to perform conversions between data storage units? Many people need to convert megabytes  to gigabytes, especially when evaluating how much space there is on a hard drive. Many times you will need to convert these units when you are looking to download and install software on your personal computer and need to check whether you have enough available disk space.

Let’s say that you would like to download and install a trial version of PDF Converter Elite. If you check out the system requirements for installing and running the software, you will see that you need a minimum of 35MB in available disk space. How many gigabytes is that?

This is very easy to find out. Of course, you can always ask Google, but another handy way is to find a free online unit converter, bookmark the page, and go back to it whenever you need to convert data storage units.


How to Use Free Online Unit Converter


One such converter is’s own free online unit converter.

Convert not only your data storage units like bits, kilobytes, nibbles, petabits, and gigabytes, but also units like mass, area, length, pressure, temperatures, volume, angle and even time.

All of the available unit converters are divided into 9 groups for easier access and better organization. Finding the unit converter you need is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly layout.

The conversion process is simple:

free online unit converter
Step 1. First, find the type of units you wish to convert from the nine available categories (mass, data storage, volume, length, etc). For our example, we’ll use “Data storage.

Step 2. In the box provided on top, enter the value that you want to convert. Let’s say you want to convert 35  megabytes into gigabytes. Enter “35” into the box provided.

Step 3. Now, on the left hand side drop-down menu, select the unit you want to convert (Megabyte), and on the right hand side drop-down menu, select the unit that you want it to be converted into (Gigabyte). And that’s it – the converter will display that 35MB is equal to 0.03GB.

convert megabytes to gigabytes
Also, the free unit converter’s simple drag-and-drop feature also allows you to organize the unit converters yourself, according to which ones you use most frequently.