5 Reasons for Writers to Try PDF Converter Elite 3

pdf converter elite for writersIf you are a writer, then you probably already know that converting your manuscripts to PDF is one of the best ways to archive and save your written documents, thanks to the numerous benefits of the PDF file format. It is a universal format that presents your work accurately on any and every possible platform. PDF is also a very popular electronic book format, which can easily be converted to other popular ebook formats like .epub and .mobi, or even to audio formats.

One of the most notable features of the PDF is that it is free – there are many free desktop and online PDF creation apps, such as the FreePDF Creator or Create PDF free. But as a professional writer or content creator, you will often need more robust PDF management software that will enable you to easily prepare your PDFs for online or offline publishing or distribution, modify archived work, or make sure that your manuscripts are well-protected from theft. That is where PDF Converter Elite, as a comprehensive and powerful PDF management solution, comes in. If you don’t know how PDF Converter Elite can help you, here are five great reasons to download the trial version and use it completely free for 14 days:


1. Create PDF eBooks & eBooklets

PDF Converter Elite enables you to easily and quickly create professionally looking PDF eBooks and eBooklets. All you need to do is to create a PDF from your manuscript or open the previously created PDF document in PCE 3. Then choose the Create booklet option from the Create menu. The Create booklet dialog offers many options for creating absolutely unique and dazzling booklets. Choose among over 30 paper sizes, along with paper orientation, scaling options, margins, binding type and bleed allowance, and with just a few clicks of a mouse, create captivating PDF booklets ready for distribution or printing.

create pdf books

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Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for PDF Converter Elite

pdf converter elite shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are a handy feature to have in any application. As a matter of fact, many computer users choose to interact with different online and desktop applications using the keyboard. That is why we provided a set of shortcuts you can use for creating, converting and editing PDF documents with PDF Converter Elite.

Keyboard shortcuts can be true time-savers if you are aware of them. All shortcuts available for PDF Converter Elite are prominently displayed in the application itself. You can find them next to each command on the six dropdown menus of the Menu bar.

For your convenience, listed below are keyboard shortcuts for the 10 most used options in PDF Converter Elite 3.

pdf converter elite shortcuts

1. Open file

Use Ctrl + O to bring up the Open dialog in a split second and choose the file that you want to open and convert, be it a PDF document, .tiff, .bmp or .jpeg. Continue reading >>

The All-New, More Powerful PDFConverter Elite is here!

PDF converter elite 3Today, PDFConverter.com is pleased to introduce the all-new, redesigned and much improved PDF Converter Elite 3, with a slew of new features and enhancements.

In line with our mission to offer powerful and simple-to-use PDF management solution for all your business  and personal needs, we have completely rebuilt and extended PDFConverter Elite’s capabilities. Here is a quick glimpse into the brand new PCE 3:

Newly designed, more user-friendly interface

PCE 3 boasts a dynamic sidebar which gives its users immediate access to all available conversion options.  Create, convert or modify your PDFs with one click. PCE 3 has a totally new look and feel – it saves you time and makes interaction with the software more intuitive.

Better, faster and more accurate conversions

The quality of the conversion output is much improved thanks to a rebuilt conversion algorithm.

Batch Conversion

Convert multiple PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, image, rich or plain text format files easily with the newly introduced batch conversion option. It’s quick, accurate and saves you a lot of time.

New PDF to Publisher Conversion

PDF to Publisher was one of the most asked for conversion options, and PCE 3 now provides it! Moreover, we provided no less than three conversion modes, empowering our users with versatility in creating highly editable .pub or .pubx files from their PDFs.

And much more…

PCE 3 is packed with new features that truly make it the only PDF solution you will ever need. To learn more about the new features, check them out in detail: major improvements in PDF Converter Elite 3.

PCE 3 comes with a free 15-day trial. To download and try it at once, click the link below now: