25 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for CPAs and Accountants

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is one of the most popular photo-sharing websites that allows users to create their own image  Pinterest boards where they can “pin” images they like. People usually start by creating different boards for different categories of their interest spheres: art, food & drink, geek, design, technology, travel, etc. Then they start filling each of their boards with photos, illustrations or videos that belong in that group, either by adding visuals they created or browsing the Internet to find good content, or by repinning images they like on other Pinterest users’ boards.

If you’ve ever used or just seen a Pinterest account, you know that many of these pins are light, humorous aspects of a topic or interest sphere. So, one would think that serious, intellectual content for CPAs and accountants-to-be doesn’t belong to such a fun-sharing portal. You’d be surprised!

Pinterest hosts many Pinterest boards designed for accountants, bankers and other finance professionals, but also those who are just entering this exciting field. Pins in the CPA and accounting category are there to:

– Motivate
– Provide money-saving tips and other frugal advice
– Offer sympathy to CPA exam takers
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How to Set up the Selected Worksheets So They Print on One Page

print excel to pdfIf you are a Microsoft Excel user, then you probably know that you can save your Excel spreadsheets as PDF without using any additional piece of software. This function is natively available in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 suite update. All you need to do is choose to save you active spreadsheet as PDF. However, creating the perfect and professionally looking PDF from a spreadsheet is not always so quick and straightforward. You’ve probably experienced it if you’ve tried to make a print ready PDF out of an extensive, data-rich spreadsheet with multiple rows, columns, charts and other graphics or data tables. You put in a lot of work into developing your spreadsheet and then when you save it as PDF, it ends up broken into multiple-page PDF without visible connection or order. Does it sound familiar?

The real reason behind this is that MS Office is using your print settings for saving Excel spreadsheets as PDF files. Since default print setting is No Scaling (meaning that sheets will be printed in their actual size), your bulky spreadsheet will be converted to PDF using this setting. Should you want to fit your spreadsheet to one page PDF, it means that you need to change your printing options to Fit Sheet on One Page before saving the spreadsheet as PDF. It’s all simple, but it is usually an extra step that you need to think about and take.


How to Fit Excel Sheet on One Page



fit excel sheet on one page


For those computer users who want to make the most of their time and accomplish routine tasks as fast as possible without sacrificing quality, there is a quick solution to fitting an Excel spreadsheet into a single page PDF. The solution’s called a Continue reading >>