How to Spell Check in Excel

spell check in excel

When working in a Word document, users have a good habit to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. It seems very unprofessional to send a document to your business partner or a client, with spelling mistakes. But people often forget to do that when they deal with Excel spreadsheets. Excel cells contain mostly numerical data and maybe that’s the reason no one bothers to check the text part. Although there is not so much text, you should spell check in Excel as well and not only in Word.

Here is how to spell check your Excel data

Way one: Use your keyboard to spell check in Excel by pressing the F7 keyboard. First you will be asked if you want to start the spell check from the beginning of the sheet. Continue reading >>

How to Convert PDF to PNG

There are different formats of image files, such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, BMP and many other.  Every image file format has its advantages and disadvantages. PNG files are often used for Internet purposes, when uploading photos to a website. In some situations, especially when you need to print an image or to transfer it somewhere, converting PNG to PDF form is a right choice. But later on when you need to rework your image with image tools, you need to know how to convert that PDF to PNG.


You can turn a PDF to PNG with PDF Converter Elite and here is a detailed guide:


Download a free trial of our PDF Converter Elite program. The free trial lasts for 7 days and you can convert as many PDFs as you like for that time. Have in mind that you can convert only three pages per document.


When you run the program, go to the File menu and then Open, or click on the Open icon on the toolbar.


Select a PDF from your computer and double click on the file to open it in PDF Converter Elite. Continue reading >>