How to Change Slide Size in PowerPoint

According to some stats, 30 million presentations are created daily. PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating a presentation. If you have ever created a presentation, you probably tried this amazing program. When you learn PowerPoint skills and finish your presentation, that is not the end. Another thing may come up and you need to learn it- how to change slide size in PowerPoint.

It may happen that your ppt slides look different when you use them on a projector. The version of the program you used and the projector don’t have the same slide size. If you want to present slides in the best looking way, their size should correspond to the size of the screen of the projector.


How to Change Slide Size in PowerPoint 2013, 2016


You can change the size of your ppt slides before or after you put content in them. It is better to set up the size before you start, otherwise you can ruin your slide design. Continue reading >>

How to Make Columns in Word

A text document can be difficult to read, if it is not well formatted. If you are preparing a Word document, you should know that writing plain text is simply not enough, even if you add some images to it. You should try out formatting options in MS Word and present your information in a way that will be easier to read. In addition to bullet points, subtitles and using variety of fonts, you can make tables and columns. Here is a detailed guide on how to make columns in Word. It can be useful when you want to elicit some data.

You can create as many columns as you want, but if you want to present your data properly, don’t make more than three columns per page.

It is useful to know that you can search for column templates in the Word template gallery, the same way you search for other Word templates. But here we will explain you how to make columns in Word by yourself.

How to make columns in Word on only one page


First of all, select the part of the text that you want to include in the column.

Click on the Layout menu, and then on the Columns button, which is in the Page Setup tab.

Choose the number of columns. Continue reading >>

How to Cite a PowerPoint

Using citations is very useful, especially in PowerPoint. Presentation slides often contain less text than a Word document, so it is hard to include everything in them. If you use citations, you can refer your presentation audience to additional resources. In case you didn’t know, citations are sources you used to write a presentation or any other work. You should put them at the bottom of your work. The list of all sources that are cited is called references. Every citation contains the author’s name and the year of publication, as well as the number of pages that were used. Now you just need to learn how to cite a PowerPoint presentation.


How do you add a citation in PowerPoint

There are three different citation styles: MLA, Chicago and APA. Depending on the style you want to use, you can apply different formatting rules.

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How to Print Multiple Slides on one Page

When you need to deliver a presentation it often requires some additional skills apart from PowerPoint. Assuming you know how to make a presentation in PowerPoint, the only skill you need to learn is related to printing such presentations. In some situations, it is not acceptable to send a PowerPoint presentation via email, and you are expected to print and deliver it instead. If you presentation is too long it means you will need much paper. To cut the printing costs and contribute to environment protection, you can print multiple slides on one page. If you fit more slides on the page you will have less pages to print. Plus, the person who needs to evaluate your presentation will have less paper to go through.


How to print multiple slides on one page only


Note: This guide is meant for users of MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010.


  1. Click on the File menu and then on the Print button. As you can see from the images below, the File menu is at the left top of the program and the button Print is also at the left side of it.

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How to Print PowerPoint with Notes

PowerPoint is often used for making various presentations. Business people, teachers and students are often in need to present their business, work or research. Most presenters rely on technology and use projectors to show their PowerPoint presentation. But in certain situations it is necessary to print your presentation and hand it out. It is a common knowledge how to print PowerPoint document but not so many people know how to print PowerPoint with notes. So, if you need to retain the comments and notes in your presentation, here is the simplest way to do it.


Print PowerPoint  with Notes in Office 2016, 2013, 2010


Go to Print menu via File, then click on the Full Page Slides and the Print Layout options will show up. Full Page Slides is the default option, change it to Notes Pages.

how to print powerpoint with notes

In addition, you can specify the page orientation, to be the Portrait or Landscape. By default, it is chosen to be the landscape orientation.

To print your notes in color, click the arrow next to the Grayscale button and then click on the preferred color.

Finally click Print.


Print Notes in PowerPoint without Slide Thumbnails


First you need to go to View menu and click on the Notes Pages button, under the Presentation Views tab. Then, select the slide thumbnail you want to remove and click Delete.

The follow steps are pretty much the same as explained in the previous section, start by clicking on File and Print. In the Page Layout select Notes Pages instead of Full Page Slides. Again, finish the process with Print. Continue reading >>

How to Highlight in PowerPoint

Highlighting is useful when you want to emphasize specific parts of a presentation. If you rely on Microsoft Office to create presentations, here is a guide on how to highlight in PowerPoint. First we will explain how to highlight in PowerPoint 2016 (only for Office 365 subscribers), and then we will show you some secrets how to do that without Office 365.


How to highlight text in PowerPoint

The following guide is only for PowerPoint 2016, for Office 365 subscribers. It is very easy to do that: first select the text you want to highlight and then select the arrow that stands next to the “abc” icon. Choose the highlight color and the selected text will be marked with that color.

If you need to highlight text that is not consequent, don’t select the text first but click on the arrow we mentioned above. Choose the color and then click on the text area on the slide. To turn off the highlighter, just press the Esc button.

If your presentation was saved in PDF format, use this PDF to PPT converter to convert your presentation back to PowerPoint.


Useful Tip:

If your PowerPoint version doesn’t support the highlighting feature, you can apply highlight settings in Word and then copy paste the text to PowerPoint. Just make sure to choose the following paste option: Paste and keep source formatting.

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Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology in 2018

It is safe to say that small businesses and technology go hand in hand. In order to raise productivity, efficiency, grow the revenue of your business and improve expenses and performance, you should embrace technology and what it has to offer. It is important to follow the trends of technology as it has been changing every year.

According to Insight statistics from February 2017, 41% of small businesses have a plan to spend more on technology, especially for Internet of things. It is believed that in 2015 they spent 50% more on technology. Many business cannot work without wireless and mobile technology. Cloud solutions have also become inevitable part of every small business.

To help you keep up with the latest technology we compiled a list of essential technology your business should have in 2018.




cyber security

Your business data may be at risk of cyber attacks if you rely on unsecured technology. According to Information Management, 58% of businesses experienced data breach at least once during the last year. We live in a world where information has become more valuable than gold. Losing you clients and business data in general can leave a bad reputation and not to mention losing profit. With the rise of Internet of things and the increased usage of online tools, cyber attacks have become easy to accomplish. The year 2018 will be a true challenge when it comes to protecting your sensitive data against cyber attacks and responding to security breaches. It is predicted that there will be new types of cyber attacks but also new ways of cyber defence and threat remediation that businesses can use.

Businesses should invest in cybersecurity technology but also provide their staff with appropriate training programs. Using outsourcing cybersecurity is also a good idea- working with professionals who will assess all the potential risks and come up with a right solution.

Artificial intelligence Continue reading >>