how to save one page of a pdf

How to save one page of a PDF

PDF files can be very large, like thousands of pages. Ebooks, study materials, accounting reports, white papers, case studies and other important documents. Although it can be easy working with PDF files if you have the right tools such as PDF Converter Elite, it is always easier to handle PDFs of smaller page numbers. If … Read more

How to secure your documents

The most important thing about dealing with business documents is to know how to keep them safe. Security breaches are very common and you never know when your precious business report will fall into the wrong hands. For that reason, you need to know how to secure your documents. No matter in what format your … Read more

rearrange pdf pages

Rearrange PDF pages with PDF Converter Elite

Users of PDF Converter Elite can work with even big PDF documents, thanks to different PDF management features. If you are working with big data and you want to reorganize it, no need to convert the whole PDF document and copy paste the data from one place to another. There is much easier way to … Read more

Must Have Tools for Your Startup

Every startup is hard and usually it requires much preparation. Often you are on your own or with just a few people to help you with all the work. And even when you finalize your startup idea, create a business plan and website, there‚Äôs still much work to do. If you have just started your … Read more

MS Office 2016 shortcuts bookkeepers need to know about

Bookkeeping usually involves working with Excel spreadsheets and data analysis. With so many data and information you need to handle, it would be efficient to know some Excel tips and tricks. In addition to advanced Excel skills such as learning conditional formatting and formulas, you can learn MS Office shortcuts that will speed up your … Read more

How to create a map chart in office

Map charts are used when different categories or values should be presented and these values are related to more than one region or country. For instance, if you need to visually present data comparison for different postal codes, states, counties, you can use this MS Office feature. Before we show you how to create a … Read more

Microsoft templates for effortless college preparation

Microsoft templates are premade document layouts you can use to save time when creating a report, resume, presentations, brochures and so on. If you like to use MS Office you probably know how their templates can be a time-saver. Various businesses, freelancers, stay-at-home moms use Microsoft templates to create different documents. Templates are available in … Read more

How can I transfer a Word document to PowerPoint 2016?

If you want to transfer your Word document to PowerPoint 2016, you should obviously have Office 2016 installed on your computer. Changing one document type to another is pretty easy. First of all, you need to save that Word document as a PDF and then convert PDF to PPT. Saving Word as PDF To convert … Read more

How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word

Brochures are a cheap and easy way to present your products or business in general. Well designed brochures that depict your business proposal or product details can result in higher revenue or at least bigger interest in your offer. Whether you prefer online brochures or printed ones, you can distribute them successfully in no time. … Read more

How to save a Word document as a JPEG

If you for some reason need to save a Word document as a JPEG file, you cannot simply open that Word document, click on the Save as from the File menu and choose JPEG format from the list of formats. You can only save Word as PDF, txt, doc, and similar textual formats. So you … Read more