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Common problems with PDF files and its solutions

We all know how PDF files can be tricky and that is probably the reason you use PDF tools. Thanks to PDF conversion technology you can quickly solve PDF hassles by converting PDF to other formats. MS Office document formats are easier to edit when it comes to textual and tabular data. But the problem … Read more

how to make a line graph in excel

How to make a line graph in Excel

Line graphs in Excel are standard options together with bar graphs. Whereas bar graphs are good for presenting proportions, line graphs are used to predict the data in future time periods and to track trends. If you need to present data visually in Microsoft Excel you can use line graphs to show the data. In … Read more

gif to png

How to convert GIF to PNG free online

In the last article we explained how you can turn GIF into JPG online and now let’s see how to convert GIF to PNG free online. The steps are similar to the mentioned conversion type, and it takes only a few minutes to change the format of your image file. So, GIF files are movable … Read more

GIF to JPG online

How to convert GIF to JPG online free

JPG and GIF are the most popular image formats. Even if you don’t have much experience, you probably know that GIF files are moving images and JPEGs are still photos. If you need to use graphics from a GIF and to make the still images of one moving image, the best way to do that … Read more

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Top Online Tax Calculators and Tools for This Tax Season

Tax season 2019 has officially started and you all know what that means. You need to start preparing papers to file taxes. Tax preparation and filing can be a pretty daunting and time consuming task. If you look for a solution that will simplify the whole process, there are free online tax calculators and tools … Read more

tiff to jpeg

How to convert TIFF to JPEG

Tiff and JPEG are the popular image file formats. Given that every file format has its purpose, these two formats have also found their purpose. Tiff file is used for printing, especially in the business world. JPGs are widely used on the Internet because of their lossy compression. What is the difference between a JPEG … Read more

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How to convert Docx to PDF without Word

You don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your computer and you have just received a docx file. What to do? If you don’t want to install Microsoft Word on your computer or your device doesn’t support it, there is a way to convert Docx to PDF without Word. No need to install or buy anything … Read more

excel vs cv

Difference between Excel and CSV, when to use it

Data scientists, finance and accounting professionals, bookeepers, they all use Excel in everyday work. Even freelancers use Excel to manage personal finances and keep track of their spendings. The wide usage and purpose of Excel is well known, especially when it comes to data analysis, data visualization, math functions and finance calculations. Unlike Excel document … Read more

how to convert powerpoint to jpg

How to convert PowerPoint to JPG

PowerPoint is definitely the first choice when you need to make a presentation. But when you need to present it, some problems might occur. For instance, the device you want to use to present the slides, may not have PowerPoint installed. Also, if you need to upload your presentation in the cloud, it may not … Read more

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Free Online PDF Converter

PDF Converter has just released an improved version of PDF conversion online tools, that are completely free and without email registration. Free Online PDF Conversion allows users to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but also create PDFs online from more than 300 file formats, at no cost at all. From now on you … Read more